Ukrainian man shoots River Jumping video for Dangdang. Strangers are drowned after being pushed down the river.

 Ukrainian man shoots River Jumping video for Dangdang. Strangers are drowned after being pushed down the river.

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Two men drowned when they pushed a stranger down a 4-metre-high bridge to make a river jump video on the Internet (Source:)

Passers-by holding railings when forced to jump into the river

Overseas Network, April 10, according to the British Mirror reported on 9, two young men in Ukraine, on the road randomly found a 48-year-old middle-aged man, put him on a 4-meter-high bridge to force him to jump into the river, drowning him. Afterwards, the two men claimed that this was to make funny video to increase network awareness.

Passers-by tried to climb back onto the bridge but was hit on the head with a punch. (Photo Source: Video screenshot of Mirror)

Video shows that when the two young people forced passers-by to jump into the river, passers-by grabbed the railings desperately for mercy and said that they could not swim, but they not only ignored, but also punched the passer-bys temple, forcefully pushing him down the river.

The middle-aged man disappeared soon after he fell into the river. After receiving the alarm, the police went to search for the body, but finally found the body which was cold. The police thought that the middle-aged man could not swim and drowned in the river.

Video shows that during the search operation, the bodies of passers-by were pulled out of the river by rescuers. (Source: Video screenshots of Mirror)

Vyacheslav Abroskin, deputy chief of the local police, said the Dnieper police had found and detained the two young men, aged 26 and 23, and investigated them for murder.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284