Real Madrid U10 unbeaten Championship season! Marcelos eldest son bombed 24 super cute celebrations

 Real Madrid U10 unbeaten Championship season! Marcelos eldest son bombed 24 super cute celebrations

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Real Madrid U10 Championship Celebration (Source: Netease Sports)

Real Madrid U10 Championship Celebration

In the 24th round, Real Madrid U10 Junior Team beat Morataraz Football School Team by 12-1. Enzo played a hat trick in the match. Throughout the season, Real Madrid U10 teenagers were unbeaten 21-3 and Enzo scored an astonishing 24 goals in 24 rounds.

Like his father, Enzo had a big head. But unlike his relatively short father, Enzo has a huge physical advantage among his peers, which makes him absolutely dominant in the rush for points. Asked which goal he liked best in the game after the game, Enzo chose the header in the corner kick attack to score. My characteristic is a good header, Matteos cross is very good. Enzo said so.

Enzo lifted the cup and Marcelo, the old father in the corner, was spoiled.

Marcelo came to the scene to cheer Enzo and witnessed his son win his first championship trophy in his career. At the end of the game, Marcelo also received an interview from Real Madrid TV: Im glad to see my son playing football. I know he likes playing football. He can wear Real Madrid Jersey to win the first championship trophy, which is his, my and his mothers common dream.

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