Are there no money in the second division plus players striking for training so that the Arsenal legend can be relegated?

 Are there no money in the second division plus players striking for training so that the Arsenal legend can be relegated?

Edward Campbell, Head Coach of EB Mcclesfield

Campbell has played for Spurs, Arsenal and Portsmouth in the Premier League and has represented England in three World Cups. Campbell took over as manager of Mcclesfield in November last year and the two sides signed a one-and-a-half-year contract. Mcclesfield has been promoted to the second division this season. Campbell took over with 2 wins, 4 draws, 13 losses and 10 points at the bottom of the championship.

Campbell had no experience as a manager and was not expected to lead the team to relegation. To make matters worse, the economic situation of the Mcclesfield Club is also very bad, especially after entering 2019, the playerssalaries were not paid on time for three consecutive months from January to March. For this reason, the first-team players voted in the team and considered taking extreme measures to protest against the strike. In the end, only 11 players voted to continue training, while all the other players supported the strike.

In this adverse situation, Campbell still led the team to 7 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses in the League B. In the league match held at 2:45 a.m. Beijing time today, McClellsfield hosted the seventh best rival in the scoring table, Exeter City. Campbell said, This is an important game for us, but we will make sure we are not afraid of our opponents. At present, everything is still in our own hands, we need to maintain confidence.

Mcclesfield equalised twice with two lags, and Smith scored the winning goal in the 85th minute, eventually winning 3-2 at home. Mcclesfield has remained unbeaten in the last five rounds of the League B 2-3 draw. After winning this round, their points reached 39 points and rose to the 22nd place in the scoreboard. Only two teams are relegated in the League B each season, so Mcclesfield has finally come out of the relegation zone.

Mcclesfield temporarily escaped from the downgrade zone

However, Mcclesfield is only two points ahead of Yeoville and Notts County behind him, and in the last five rounds of the league it will be necessary to continue in such a good state to ensure a successful relegation. Hopefully this good relegation situation can help the clubs economic situation, solve the problem of playerssalary arrears, so that Campbell can lead the undivided players to concentrate on preparing for the game.

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