Israels blockade of Almighty God Mei Zengs shelter is notorious for the evasion of cults

 Israels blockade of Almighty God Mei Zengs shelter is notorious for the evasion of cults

The McDonalds Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, in 2014 was a manifestation of the evils of this religion: five Almighty God believers killed an innocent woman alive in a McDonalds restaurant, shocking the whole country!

However, under the shelter of the American government, Zhao Weishan, the head of the Almighty God, and Yang Xiangbin, his lover packaged as the reincarnation of Christ, not only escaped from China, but also further degenerated the illegal cult organization that poisoned the society into a pawn of the horse of the Western anti-China forces.

On the one hand, the brainwashed followers of remote control command in the United States continue to remit them money to support their luxurious life; on the other hand, they continue to infiltrate foreign networks, disseminate rumors about demonizing China and whitening themselves, and even try to lure foreigners into their cults.

But embarrassingly, these two days, they were blocked by Israel, an ally of the United States, because they continued to use the network navy to disseminate religious information mixed with a large number of political private goods on foreign social platforms.

The picture shows the cult Almighty God and brainwashed believers who once claimed that the end of the world would come in 2012.

However, the reason why Israel blocked the Almighty God was not because they realized that it was a cult organization, but rather because it was somewhat wrong.

Originally, according to Buzzfeed, the US media, Israel was about to hold a national election. However, in order to ensure the fairness of the elections, some independent social network research institutions in the country have begun to pay close attention to overseas social platforms such as Twitter, especially during the election period, whether there will be cyber navy on these platforms to mislead public opinion by disseminating false information in order to achieve the purpose of interfering in the elections. Among them, some independent researchers have found that cyber navy is helping Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to slander his opponents.

However, in these studies of public opinion on the Israeli election network, two researchers unexpectedly found a large number of suspicious naval accounts related to Almighty on the social platform Twitter, because these accounts also organized to disseminate and disseminate political statements made by Israeli politicians, and also use Hebrew.

But interestingly, according to Buzzfeed, people from two research teams said they found that the political discourse spread by Almighty seemed aimless or even somewhat confusing. Some of these accounts are from right-wing politicians in Israel, others from Benny Gantz, a former chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Netanyahus rival, and others from Almighty Water Army, who play the role of fans to Netanyahus supporters. ..

But the researchers found that almost all the statements related to Israels general election disseminated by these Almighty God accounts are religious, and their dissemination laws are like beehives. They are arranged by a queen of bees and then acted together by a group of worker bees.

So, although the researchers did not find the real hammer of purposeful interference in Israels elections, they reported these accounts to Twitter, and eventually dozens of Almighty naval accounts were blocked by Twitter for spam information/registered spam accounts...

However, although Israelis feel puzzled about the use of water forces by the Almighty God cult to disseminate politicianspolitical statements concerning religion during the general election in Israel, experts in China who specialize in the conduct of Almighty God cult have some ideas worth referring to by Israeli friends.

An expert in the field of anti-cult thought that the Almighty God did so in order to transform himself from a cult organization which distorted Christian doctrine to a new Christian Protestant sect, because the Chinese governments crackdown on the cult made the Almighty God develop only overseas, so only by embezzling the name of Christianity and disguising itself as a new sect. Only then can we muddle through. This is why the cult will go online to lean on religious statements made by Israeli politicians and spread them in Hebrew to mislead the relevant audiences and even foreign governmentsperceptions of them.

The expert also believes that the Almighty God uses the military to disseminate these remarks has another purpose, that is, rogue to seize the chain of information dissemination, thereby increasing their exposure. But it is ridiculous that their spam mode of transmission was reported as suspicious by Israeli researchers who monitored the public opinion of the general election network, resulting in self-restraint.

The picture shows the information disseminated by the cult organization seized by the Chinese police.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the US media Buzzfeed, which reported the incident, had to say in its report that in view of the irreconcilable relationship between the organization and the Chinese government, their suspicious network activities during the general election in Israel are obviously irrelevant to the Chinese government.

Unfortunately, Buzzfeed did not escape the lingering ignorance and prejudice of Western media when reporting on the Chinese governments crackdown on cult organizations. Therefore, in the last few paragraphs of the report, when they introduced the cult of Almighty God, they completely ignored the abundant and conclusive evidence of the Chinese media against this cult organization in the past few years. Instead, they interviewed a scholar in the American academic circle who had been supporting the cult of Almighty God, and let the man make a statement of washing the land by a cult and slandering China.

Of course, Buzzfeed may have written this out of some kind of religious and political correctness in the United States. After all, in the eyes of the U.S. government, such a cult organization that murders lives, deceives money, and even dismantles other peoples families, but the freedom of religion that the U.S. wants to protect.

Therefore, Geng Zhige here also recommends that you review our report on the deep-skinned Almighty God cult last year, so that you can see what heinous crimes this cult organization that the US government has been sheltering has committed: in the hands of the United States, there is another cult that is heavily indebted to blood and messes up China! Yuxin_NBJS7825

Therefore, Geng Zhige here also recommends that you go back to last years report on the deep-skinned Almighty God cult, so that you can see what heinous crimes this cult organization that the U.S. government has been sheltering has committed: in the hands of the United States, there is another cult that is heavily indebted to blood and messes up China!