The total number of motor vehicles in China is 330 million. Five types of business can be operated in different places.

 The total number of motor vehicles in China is 330 million. Five types of business can be operated in different places.

Li Jiangping, Inspector and Deputy Director-General of Traffic Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security

Li Jiangping said that in recent years, Chinas traffic development and automobile growth momentum continued to deepen. By the end of March this year, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 330 million, of which 246 million were vehicles and 410 million drivers. The total number and increment of motor vehicles and drivers ranked first in the world.

Li Jiangping introduced that in 2018, the Ministry of Public Security launched 20 reform measures of releasing uniforms for traffic control. At present, various measures have been steadily promoted and precisely landed, 310 million copies of application materials such as ID cards have been reduced or exempted, 190,000 social institutions have acted as security management agencies, more than 4 million people have checked and tested cars in different places, and more than 220 million registered users have been registered online, which has benefited more than 600 million people and reduced the cost of handling affairs by the masses by more than 30 billion yuan.

The new measures highlight two major aspects of reform, including five types of business co-operation in different places and five services quick and convenient.

Five types of business co-operation in different places are as follows:

One is the National General Examination of the car driving license. The applicant can apply for the driving license of a small car directly in any place of the country with his identity card, and no longer need to submit the residence registration certificate to realize the national one-pass examination.

Second, the examination of different subjects can be conducted in different places. If the applicant has changed his place of residence to another place due to work, study, life and other reasons after he has passed part of the subject examination, he may apply for the change of the place of residence, continue to take the remaining subject examination and lighten the burden of the round trip examination.

Thirdly, apply for driving license in different places within the province. For those who apply for drivers license of large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars in different places in provinces (districts), the applicant can apply directly with the resident identity card without submitting the residence registration certificate.

Fourth, vehicles can be transferred to other places. The online transfer of vehicle transfer information to pilot cities will be expanded from 15 to 120. If vehicles transfer between pilot cities, they can apply directly to the place where the vehicles move in, and no longer need to go to the vehicle management of the place where the vehicles move out to extract files and check the vehicles, so as to reduce the commuting between the two places.

Fifth, motorcycle inspection national pass. On the basis of the implementation of national automobile inspection, the cross-provincial (district, city) and off-site inspection of motorcycles will be further liberalized. At the same time, motorcycles registered for less than six years are exempted from inspection by testing institutions, so as to lighten the burden of vehicle inspection on the masses, especially the owners in rural areas, and help them overcome poverty and overcome difficulties and revitalize the countryside.

The five services Quick and Convenient are as follows:

The second is to add two conveniences to the original license plate. The number plate is interchangeable. Non-operating vehicles of the same type under the same owners name can apply for the interchange of one-time number plate to meet the needs of the masses and units. The time limit for retaining the original number shall be adjusted from one year to two years after the cancellation, removal or transfer of the original motor vehicle.

Thirdly, 4S Store Agent will be implemented in license issuance. Full implementation of 4S car shop on behalf of the temporary driving license plate, convenient for the masses to buy cars on the spot, present license plate, not only convenient for the masses to buy cars after driving on the road, but also create a good business environment, to achieve the benefits of enterprises and the satisfaction of the masses.

Fourth, the implementation of online verification of vehicle purchase tax information. Full implementation of information networking with tax authorities to achieve online transmission and online verification of vehicle purchase tax information. People need not submit paper tax payment certificates for motor vehicle registration, so as to reduce formalities, improve efficiency and reduce burdens.

Fifth, speed up the promotion of voice service hotline in traffic control. Gradually promote the national unified traffic management service telephone number 12123, provide the masses with traffic management business consultation, information inquiry, business acceptance and other services, build a set of web pages, short messages, mobile app, voice four in one traffic management information service system.

Li Jiangping introduced that the above 10 new reform measures will be implemented from June 1 this year. Next, the Ministry of Public Security will further refine its work deployment, improve the supporting system, upgrade the information system, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of the reform, conduct in-depth evaluation and effectiveness, and ensure the effectiveness of 10 measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people. At the same time, we should attach equal importance to and combine releasing with releasing, improve the mechanism of supervision system, strengthen the construction of intelligent supervision, strengthen online and offline inspection, strengthen early warning and judgment of abnormal business, ensure that releasing is not disorderly, and ensure strict standardization, fair and civilized law enforcement.