Catholic Churchs Sexual Invasion Scandal: An Indian bishop accused of repeatedly raping nuns

 Catholic Churchs Sexual Invasion Scandal: An Indian bishop accused of repeatedly raping nuns

Franco Murakar was questioned by the police

According to the Guardian, a Catholic bishop named Franco Murakar was suspected of raping nuns several times between 2014 and 2016, according to the deputy police chief of Kerala, India. The bishop faces charges of illegal detention, coercive sex and abuse of power. If the court decides that the charges are established, the suspect will be sentenced to the maximum life imprisonment. The bishop in question denied the allegations.

The injured nun filed a complaint in June last year. Last September, the police formally investigated the incident. Murakar was arrested in October, but then released on bail. Several high-level members of the Karaban Church declared their support for Murakar, and when he was released and returned to his parish, people even cheered. Since then, five nuns have held protests within the church, and several 10 supporters have appealed to the authorities to take sexual abuse within the church seriously. Under pressure, the police had to re-intervene in the case.

Local police said they were also investigating several other cases of nuns being sexually assaulted, accusing four other Kerala priests of forcing women to have sex.

In recent years, a series of incidents of sexual assault by clergy have plunged the Catholic Church into a global scandal, and the figures involved in suspected or sheltered sexual assault cases by clergy are becoming more and more important. In February this year, Pope Francisco first openly talked about the sexual abuse of nuns by clergymen, saying that the Vatican would take a serious attitude towards the sexual abuse of nuns.

On March 7, Philippe Barbarin, the cardinal bishop of the French Catholic Church, was sentenced to six monthssuspended sentence for sheltering minors from sexual abuse in the Church. On March 13, an Australian court ruled that George Pell, the Australian Cardinal in charge of the Vaticans financial power, had been sentenced to six yearsimprisonment for sexual assault on two children in the choir years ago. ?

Christianity is Indias third largest religion, with 20 million followers, second only to Hinduism and Islam. According to 2011 data, Christians account for 18% of the total population in Kerala, India, and the vast majority of them are Catholics.

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