Han Xu went to the United States and won the support of Xinjiang Basketball Association: Joining the WNBA is a dream

 Han Xu went to the United States and won the support of Xinjiang Basketball Association: Joining the WNBA is a dream

Two-handed dribble shooting, three-point perimeter distance, accelerated run-up dunk... Over the past three weeks, the 2.07-metre-tall Oriental girl has always attracted attention when she practices sweaty in the University of California, Los Angeles gymnasium with the word China printed on her team uniform.

The 19-year-old girl is Han Xu, a new Chinese basketball player, who is actively preparing for the WNBA draft. She is looking forward to the upcoming WNBA Draft Conference on the 10th.

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency in Los Angeles recently, Han Xu said: I am looking forward to joining the WNBA. It is my childhood dream to show my basketball level on the highest stage.

Han Xu has a clear understanding of the fierce competition and high-intensity confrontation in WNBA. She said: I have a lot of contacts with foreign players, for the East and West players, their respective strengths and weaknesses are relatively clear.

Han Xu pointed out that Asian players have their own characteristics in shooting feeling compared with European and American players, but there is a certain gap in physical fitness and physical confrontation. For example, Tina Charles of the United States team is very strong, playing with self-confidence.

Although Han Xu is over two meters tall, she seems slim. She laughs and admits her shortcomings: I have been trying to make myself strong, and my family and friends are constantly reminding me of this. I also accumulated experience in training and competition to improve my confrontation ability. This time I went to the United States to train, I also carried out a detailed physical test, and then the American trainer also put forward specific suggestions according to my physical condition.

She said, Im not the kind of player who has been fighting physically all the time. In the WNBA and Tina these stars play, to be better at brainstorming, play their flexible characteristics, but also need to maintain a calm mind, every shot must be very confident.

As a new professional basketball player, Han Xu, who joined the WCBA Xinjiang Team in 2018, scored 15.9 points, 8.9 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game in the rookie season, and was finally selected as the All-Star starting line-up of the WCBA.

Han Xu arrived in Los Angeles on March 13 after finishing the WCBA season of 2018-2019 and began training in skills, fitness and shooting.

Han Xu is quite satisfied with his training in Los Angeles. She thanked the American trainers for their targeted training on the weaknesses and technical errors she had exposed in her tests.

She said: For example, the technical movements of running, the angle of pedaling, or when pedaling, the left leg is slightly weaker than the right leg strength and other issues, may be very small things, trainers help me carefully study, give me great help.

Han Xu said that as a young generation of players, her growth has been widely helped by the Chinese basketball industry. The WNBA draft also received the support of Xinjiang Team and China Basketball Association. Like Yao Ming, she hopes to improve herself in the field of professional basketball in the United States and make better contributions to Chinese basketball in the future.

Chinese basketball fans are full of joy and expectation for Han Xus growth. Many fans call her Xinzheng Haixia. Han Xu recalled that during the WCBA All-Star Game, she had the honor to meet Zheng Haixia and other predecessors. She said that the first time she saw a girl as tall as herself, she encouraged me to refuel.

Han Xu said that predecessors such as Zheng Haixia, Miao Lijie, Sui Feifei and Chen Nan had landed in the WNBA, I think with them in front, I will face less pressure, they are my models.

Han Xu, who graduated from the Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua, said that he had experienced the leap from campus basketball to professional teams. Campus experience would be helpful for professional players to broaden their horizons. Han Xu said that learning English at school also laid a foundation for her life and training in the United States.

Han Xu confidently said: I think as long as I can make full use of my strengths and avoid my weaknesses, I can stand on the stage of WNBA.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Ma Bile_NS4800