Guangdong Media: First World War is not normal in Shenzhen. They have enough ability to adjust.

 Guangdong Media: First World War is not normal in Shenzhen. They have enough ability to adjust.

Reporter Wang Chenzheng

Today, at 19:35, the second game of Guangdong Derby in the first half of CBA semi-finals continues to play. The Hongyuan Mens Basketball Team, with its excellent first game, continues to play at home against Marco Polo in Shenzhen. The series of seven four-win Games has just begun. The South China Tiger needs to remain focused and meet the follow-up challenges.

After experiencing the first quarter of the final Five Five Five Battles, Shenzhen teams excessive physical consumption was reflected in the beginning of the first battle, and with the absence of the main players, they just created the CBA playoff reversal history, but they did not enter the state quickly, while South China Tiger seized the opportunity, while maintaining the hit rate, quickly established the victory, and finally won 141:118. Du Feng, head coach of Hongyuan Mens Basketball Team, was not immersed in victory after the game. In his opinion, young players can play better on the court. Such high standards are not excessive in the playoffs.

From the main data analysis, the first rebound was 42:57 backward. For Shenzhen team with Li Muhao and Shen Zijie, it was obviously not a normal performance. Coach Wang Jianjun also focused on this point when he retrospected the match: In terms of technology and tactics, first, there are many loopholes in the defense of the opponents counter-attack. This (pre-match) has been explained, but it is not clear. We need to watch videos and videos. Summarize and give the players a clearer arrangement. Second, rebounds, especially in the second half, should not occur when the opponent does not score the ball, and then rushes to grab the front rebounds continuously. We need to make a good summary of ourselves and play the following games well.

This is true in the first match. South China Tigers symbolic quick counterattack this season has made the Shenzhen teams defense tired of coping. Based on the solid preparation before, the players are in excellent personal condition. The 28 assists in the whole game also directly highlight the teams advantages, which need to be maintained. The momentum is good, but the semi-final competition will not be easy. Judging from the previous promotion performance of Shenzhen Team, they have enough ability to adjust and adapt. South China Tiger must remain focused and move forward with better performance.

Source: responsible editor of Dongguan Daily: Ma Bile_NS4800