E-commerce platform brushes on behalf of repeatedly prohibited not only behind the emergence of profitable industrial chain

 E-commerce platform brushes on behalf of repeatedly prohibited not only behind the emergence of profitable industrial chain

Over and over again the amount of brushes on behalf of writers

Previously, many well-known e-commerce platforms, including Tianmao, Taobao, Jingdong, Honeycomb, Metro, Renren Car, Dangdang Net, Pingduo, Suning Easy-to-buy, No. 1 Shop, Volkswagen Comments and so on, have been exposed that their merchants exist the phenomenon of brushing the bill.

Cao Lei, director of E-Commerce Research Center, believes that as part of the black grey industry chain of the Internet, the agent brush industry has always existed, and many e-commerce platforms are facing this problem. Up to now, the amount of brushing is like a poisonous tumor in the industry, which is still prohibited repeatedly.

It is understood that for online shopping, evaluation is an important factor in guiding sales. Brushing orders to create false sales and praise, but the goods to the sub-optimal, so that consumers can not defend against overwhelming. Several yuan can buy a good comment, one or two thousand yuan can raise a drill, some network platforms through the organization of false transactions and other ways, brushing bills almost become a profitable industrial chain.

Meng Huixin, an assistant analyst in the legal rights department of the E-commerce Research Center, pointed out that brushing, deleting and false evaluation not only disturbed the normal trading order of the e-commerce industry, but also damaged the right of consumers to know, and also destroyed the normal trading order, constituting unfair competition.

Beijing Yingke (Hangzhou) Law Firms lawyer Fang Chaoqiang said that the act of false brushing is actually a tort damage to Xiaohongshus business model. Named Sharing, it is actually to promote the information of soft text. According to the relevant provisions of Interim Measures for Internet Advertising Management, it can be recognized as Internet Advertising. According to the regulations, we should be responsible for the authenticity of the advertisement. At the same time, we should mark the advertisement identity of the soft text so that consumers can clearly identify it as an advertisement.

Credit evaluation mechanism is the main reason

How does this kind of one-stop service industry chain come into being? Yao Jianfang, an analyst of legal rights and interests of E-commerce Research Center, said that the credit evaluation mechanism of e-commerce platform is the main reason for e-commerce sellersbrush volume. For e-commerce vendors, brush volume can quickly form the illusion of high sales of goods, improve the turnover of shops and the rate of praise, and compared with normal market promotion, brush volume has low cost and significant effect. At present, it is difficult to prove and punish brushes lightly, especially for brushers. Therefore, facing the temptation of interests, brushes practitioners are willing to take risks.

Meng Huixin believes that the bubble data generated by brush volume will not only make some inferior products succeed, but also will mislead the industrys big data, platform big data and advertising effects, and even affect the decision-making of relevant departments.

Meng Huixin said that e-commerce platforms should optimize the ranking system, no longer regard praise and sales as the main basis for ranking, but regard integrity, qualification and other important reference indicators. E-commerce sellers can not blindly brush quantity, can not determine whether the goods are good or bad without real evaluation. Instead, they should pay more attention to the good shopping experience of commodity quality and after-sales service, attach importance to the relationship with consumers, and gradually form brand and industry influence, so as to win the favor of consumers.

Multi-party linkage is needed to purify the trading environment

How to curb the phenomenon of brushing quantity and brushing high praise? Cao Lei believes that brushing bill behavior is deeply rooted in China and its interests are intertwined. In order to suppress the phenomenon of brushing orders, we need to solve it from multiple levels.

First of all, strengthen government supervision. The new Electronic Commerce Law stipulates that electronic commerce operators shall not infringe consumersright to know by means of false propaganda, fictitious transactions and fabricated user evaluation. This means that e-commerce operators brush quantity, brush bill, brush credit and other acts are prohibited. Only when supervisory, legislative and judicial departments attach importance to it, will businesses and platforms cooperate more actively and cooperate with each other in governance.

Secondly, the platform should be strictly guarded against. In order to solve the problem of brush quantity and brush high praise, the platform level should first show its attitude and firmly oppose it. Strict punishment for the brush volume behavior of businessmen will gradually reduce over time.

Thirdly, supervision by external forces. Including consumer associations, social organizations, professional institutions and users, it also plays a vital role in restraining the phenomenon of brush volume of e-commerce platform. Through the strength of various social institutions and the cooperation between platforms, we can supervise and manage the brush volume behavior more comprehensively.

Yao Jianfang believes that the important reason for the frequent prohibition of e-commerce platform brushes is the ranking mechanism of e-commerce platform and the purchase reference of consumers. Businessmen can get more consumersattention and visits through brushes. Incorporating brush volume into the scope of legal supervision will purify the e-commerce trading environment, and false transactions, false reputation evaluation may be improved.

In Yao Jianfangs view, the regulation of brushing behavior requires the joint efforts of e-commerce, consumers and regulatory authorities. For e-commerce platform, improving the search ranking mechanism can not only evaluate the reputation image of sellers through sales volume and evaluation. The sellers of brush quantity should be punished resolutely, and the serious ones should be closed. Once consumers find that the sellers have brush quantity behavior, they should report it to the platform and the regulatory authorities. The regulatory authorities need to improve the legislation and strictly enforce the law.