Beauty makeup retailers threatened to reveal that their counterfeit online friends said relatives could check their ID cards.

 Beauty makeup retailers threatened to reveal that their counterfeit online friends said relatives could check their ID cards.

On April 8th, a netizen threatened to expose her online friend who sold fake goods on the live broadcast of the blogger Zi Huimeiliang, saying that she should not be offended. Some relatives, who are deputy section chief, can freely transfer other peoples ID cards. On April 10, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily confirmed from Shenyang Normal University that Liang Meihui-zi, a sophomore of the school, was the blogger involved in cosmetics. Liang Meihui-zi sold cosmetics that were questioned by netizens as fake, totaling more than 30,000 yuan, and has now returned about 90% of the money, according to the staff of the schools propaganda department. As for the video information that relatives can access other peoples ID cards at any time, According to her own explanation, it is fabricated to frighten netizens, not true. At present, the school has criticized and educated Liang Meihui-zi for his improper speech.

On April 8, beauty blogger MeiHuizi Liang released some videos of online users who threatened to expose their fake cosmetics during live broadcasting, which aroused public discontent. Liang Meihui-zi said in the live broadcast, Dont offend her. My brothers father is the deputy section chief, you can arbitrarily transfer other peoples identity cards. Earlier, some netizens said she had bought fake cosmetics such as lipstick, foundation and so on.

On April 9, Liang Meihui-zi issued an apology on her microblog, saying that she had seen many problems and shortcomings in her body through this incident, but the microblog was subsequently deleted.

Some netizens pointed out that the blogger involved in cosmetics was a student of Shenyang Normal University. On April 10, a reporter from Beiqing Daily called Shenyang Normal University, and the staff of the schools Propaganda Department responded that Liang Meihui-zi was indeed a sophomore of the university. On April 8, the school paid close attention to this matter after seeing some netizens leave messages at the school officials.

The staff member introduced that on April 9, the school learned from Liang Meihui-zi that she did sell cosmetics to the community through the circle of friends and other means. The troubled cosmetics department was sold from friends who helped Liang Meihuizi distribute cosmetics. According to Liang Meihui-zi, this batch of cosmetics was sold for about 30,000 yuan. After being exposed as fake by netizens, she immediately stopped selling related products. Up to now, she has returned 90% of the money, and the rest is still being refunded in succession.

As for the fact that Liang Meihui-zi, a netizen concerned, once said that my brother and his father are deputy section chief, the Propaganda Department of Shenyang Normal University revealed that, after understanding, Liang Meihui-zi explained that his family did not have such a relative who could obtain identity cards. So to say, it was to frighten netizens.

The staff of the school Propaganda Department said that Liang Meihui-zi himself had not expected such a big response from her online speech. At present, the school has criticized and educated her for making inappropriate remarks, and other issues involved are also under close attention.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Wang Zheng_N7526