Hollywood actress enrollment in universities: facing imprisonment for money laundering charges

 Hollywood actress enrollment in universities: facing imprisonment for money laundering charges

On Monday, federal prosecutors announced a plea agreement with 13 parents involved in university admission fraud, US media reported. On Tuesday, federal prosecutors announced a major advance in a case in which 16 other parents, including Hollywood actress Lori Lugreen, had been charged with fraud and money laundering by a federal grand jury.

According to TMZ, federal prosecutors have provided all defendants with plea agreements with varying sentences. According to law enforcement officials familiar with the case, the prosecution seeks to impose imprisonment on all defendants, and will only accept a plea agreement that includes a term of imprisonment.

After actress Felicity Hoffman pleaded guilty Monday, peoples eyes fell on another most famous defendant, Luigin.

According to the report, Lugreen and her fashion designer husband are facing a much worse situation than Hoffman and may be sentenced to a minimum of two years in prison because they are involved in a larger amount of money.

It is reported that since Lugreen and her husband were accused of bribing a school coach 500,000 yuan to send their daughter to Nankar, the prosecution gave them a prison term of two to two and a half years. By contrast, Hoffman was accused of spending 15,000 yuan on faking his daughters teacher, and the amount of bribes was apparently much smaller.

According to the charges facing Hoffman, she would have faced up to 20 yearsimprisonment, but after accepting the plea agreement, the prosecution would recommend that she be sentenced to a lower end of the sentence, namely a fine of 20,000 yuan plus 12 months supervision outside prison, and the prosecution promised that no further charges would be imposed. That may be why Hoffman quickly confessed. Of course, the final sentence depends on the decision of the federal judge.

After pleading guilty, Hoffman issued an apology statement, saying that he felt humiliated and was willing to take all responsibility and consequences. At the same time, she stressed that her daughter had no knowledge of what she had done, I betrayed her.

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Pan Qingqing_NBJS5830