Foreign Media: Canada will impose tariffs on more American imports

 Foreign Media: Canada will impose tariffs on more American imports

According to foreign media reports on April 10, Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland said on April 9 that Canada was considering adding items to its list of retaliatory tariffs imposed on the United States to pressure Washington to abandon the imposition of steel and aluminium tariffs.

According to an AFP report on April 9, Freeland said: We are studying ways to update the list of retaliatory tariffs in order to make it more influential.

On the other hand, Canadas ambassador to the United States, David McNaughton, said in Washington on the 8th that considerable quantities of American agricultural products, such as apples, pork and wine, can be added to the updated list of retaliatory tariff commodities. But he also stressed that this should not be interpreted as an escalation of trade disputes.

Reported that last year, US President Trump imposed a 25% tariff on steel products exported to the United States and a 10% tariff on aluminium products exported to the United States. In retaliation, Canada imposed a C$16.6 billion ($12.5 billion) tariff on American imports, including orange juice, maple syrup and whiskey.

According to Reuters on April 9, Canadas Foreign Minister Fryland said on April 9 that Canada was exploring ways to make its retaliatory tariffs on the United States more effective, but she did not respond to a previous comment by a senior official that Canada might do so.

Reported that Canadian Ambassador to the United States McNaughton 8 to the United States Agricultural Journalist, Canada may announce a new tax list as soon as next week.

Freeland spoke extensively of McNaughtons comments, but did not mention the details given by the latter. Her spokesman would not comment further.

In addition, Reuters reported on April 9 that the United States would impose tariffs on 11 billion EU products, including civil aircraft and agricultural products from cheese to olive oil. The EU is prepared to propose possible retaliatory measures, a development that could further exacerbate trade tensions between the two sides of the Atlantic.

A European Union Executive Committee source said Tuesday that the EU was preparing to propose possible retaliatory measures against the US subsidies to Boeing after the US listed a series of EU products planned to impose tariffs on aircraft subsidies disputes.

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