Japan has been unable to sign the land purchase contract for the US Army.

 Japan has been unable to sign the land purchase contract for the US Army.

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] It is not clear when the Japanese government will sign a transaction contract with the landowners around Mamao Island, a transfer candidate for land-based simulated take-off and landing training (FCLP) for US carriers.

Kyodo News Agency reported on April 10 that the Japanese government and land owners had planned to reach a formal agreement in 2018, but the negotiations stalled due to ownership reasons. Japan had planned to inform the United States of an agreement when it convened the Consultative Committee on Safety and Security between the United States and Japan (2+2) in the middle of this month, but the plan had to be put on hold.

On the other hand, Xizhibao is deeply concerned about environmental deterioration such as noise caused by US aircraft accidents and training. Concerns about the negotiations remain.

According to relevant sources, the purchase amount envisaged by the Japanese government is about 16 billion yen (about 960 million yuan). Japans Ministry of Defense signaled in January that a basic agreement had been reached, but the confrontation over acquisition conditions within the development company, which owns almost all of the islands land ownership, intensified. It is known that the situation has developed into legal disputes surrounding the right to operate. Sources from the Ministry of Japan Defense explained that it is difficult to advance negotiations until the land owner situation has subsided.

Since it is difficult to predict when the talks will be concluded, the Japanese government has secretly sought an understanding from the US side. The Japanese side considered to reiterate its desire to reach a formal agreement as soon as possible in the 2+2 consultations.

Mamao Island is a uninhabited island with an area of 8 square kilometers about 12 kilometers west of Seed Island. FCLP is currently being carried out in Iwong Island, Tokyo. The U.S. side advocates that Iwong Island is about 1400 kilometers away from the base of Yanguo (located in Shankou County), which is the stronghold of the carrier-based aircraft force. It is too far away to require Japan to improve facilities on Mamao Island, which is about 400 kilometers away.

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