NATO Holds the Worlds Largest Cyber Security Exercise

 NATO Holds the Worlds Largest Cyber Security Exercise

Reference News Network reported on April 10 that the Russian Military Observatory Network reported on April 8 that the Lock Shield-2019 exercise is the largest network security exercise in the world, which has been held annually since 2010.

NATO Tallinn Network Defense Center News Office released a message that NATO held the worlds largest network security exercise Lock Shield - 2019. The drill began on the 8th and lasted until the 12th.

NATO sources said the exercise was designed to provide training opportunities for experts in information systems and key infrastructure defense against cyber attacks.

According to the scenario set by the exercise, a hypothetical island country was attacked, and the enemy planned a series of coordinated network attacks in the country, resulting in paralysis of vital infrastructure: water purification stations, power grids and public safety networks. Experts participating in the exercises must eliminate the consequences of these attacks.

Reported that the organizers of the exercise include the military departments of Estonia and Finland, as well as the European Command of the United States Army.

Previously, NATO has held such exercises to respond to cyber attacks from the hypothetical country, which foreign media believe may be Russia.

DATA FIGURE: Cyber Warfare Center, Lackland Air Force Base, USA.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023