The latest version of Mi 26T2B helicopter reveals that it can fly automatically without control

 The latest version of Mi 26T2B helicopter reveals that it can fly automatically without control

Mi-26-TB2 helicopter

[Global Network Military Reporting] According to Russian Satellite News Agency on April 10, the Moscow Helicopter Factory of Russia has recently demonstrated for the first time the worlds largest helicopter upgrade, the Military Transport Helicopter Mi-26-T2B for Russian Aerospace Forces.

The Mi-26 helicopter manufactured by the Russian Helicopter Factory in Rostov is considered to be the heaviest heavy transport helicopter taking off in the world. The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stadhorse helicopter in the United States can accomplish similar tasks, but its take-off weight is much smaller. The Mi-26 was developed in the early 1970s to replace the Mi-6 heavy helicopter. The first flight of the model was made in 1977. The military version began mass production in 1980, while the civil version of Mi-26T began mass production in 1985.

The Mi-26 helicopter is 40 meters long, with a maximum takeoff weight of 56 tons and a cargo hold width of 3.2 meters. It can carry up to 20 tons of cargo by means of cargo hold or external suspension. It can automatically load large military or civil equipment through a huge rear hatch. The military version can accommodate up to 85 heavily armed infantry or 70 paratroopers, as well as 60 casualties on stretchers at a time. Civil version Mi-26 can carry a variety of goods, but also can be attached to shipping containers, transmission towers, large bundles of logs. In addition, there are also fire versions in the Mi-26 series.

The Mi-26 is equipped with two gas turbines of the same 11,000 horsepower, which drive a 32-metre-diameter main rotor, enough to lift the behemoth up. The Mi-26 is flying at 240-270 km/h, which is quite good for a 56-ton helicopter. The flight distance of the meter-26 is about 750 kilometers when it is filled with oil and loaded with the maximum weight of cargo. By reducing the load and installing additional fuel tanks in the cargo hold, the flight distance can be significantly increased. With sufficient fuel tanks and no cargo, the maximum range of the Mi-26 can reach 2,350 kilometers.

What is the flight altitude of the meter-26? The flight actual ceiling - Nominal altitude (i.e. the height that a helicopter can reach when moving vertically and horizontally) is 4600 metres; hovering altitude (helicopter hovering in the air only with rotor thrust, without horizontal motion) can reach 1800 metres; and dynamic altitude (i.e. the maximum height that an aircraft can reach in a short time under controlled conditions) is 6500 metres. Rice.

The Mi-26-T2B helicopter was manufactured on the order of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and it first appeared during the Army Forum in 2018. Externally, the Mi-26-T2B is not very different from other Mi-26 family styles. The fuselage was camouflaged in forest color instead of traditional dark grey or khaki, orange or white. However, there have been great changes in the interior of the aircraft. Sergei Popov, chief designer of the Heavy Helicopter at the Moscow Helicopter Factory, introduced these changes.

He said: This improved model features the absorption of the most modern digital technology, which can improve and facilitate the work of crew members, driving process, landing and hovering more automated, enhanced helicopter combat capabilities in different weather conditions. For example, starting the autopilot mode, the helicopter can fly along the established route without pilotscontrol. The pilots only need to control the parameters of the system and all parts of the aircraft. I believe that the innovative technology adopted in the Mi-26-T2B will enable Russia not only to keep pace with the development trend of the world helicopter industry, but also to retain its leading position in the field of heavy helicopter manufacturing.

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