The Indian Air Force said that the shooting down of the Pakistani F-16 was irrefutable and that the refutation of the Pakistani side was full of lies.

 The Indian Air Force said that the shooting down of the Pakistani F-16 was irrefutable and that the refutation of the Pakistani side was full of lies.

Reference News Network reported on April 10 that the website of Dawn Dawn newspaper in Pakistan reported on April 9 that India reiterated the statement that it shot down a Pakistani fighter plane in February this year. Major General Asif Garfur, Director of the Public Relations Bureau of the Pakistani Armed Forces, refuted on the same day that the untruthful words repeated many times would not turn out to be true.

Major General Garfur said India had only made false statements and could not produce evidence to support them to the world.

Reported that this is in response to a press conference held in New Delhi earlier on the 8th by the head of the Indian Air Force. At the press conference, Major General Kapoor of the Indian Air Force provided irrefutable evidence to prove that India shot down a Pakistani fighter plane in February.

Major General Garfur said in a statement that Pakistan was tight-lipped about the damage caused to India by its military during the February conflict. The director said, Dont turn a blind eye to our silence. We did not speak out the facts with great fanfare. In fact, the Pakistani Air Force shot down two Indian aircraft.

Major General Garfur also said, Everyone saw the wreckage of [Indian aircraft].

It is worth mentioning that the US-based Foreign Policy magazine also refutes Indias claim to shoot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter plane.

When the magazine disclosed the news, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also accused the Indian leadership of making false statements about shooting down an F-16 fighter plane in Pakistan. Truth always prevails and seeking truth from facts is always the best policy, the prime minister said on Twitter.

Reported that Pakistan believes that Indian Prime Minister Modi wants to win the election through the clamour of war and the shooting down of Pakistani aircraft.

According to the Zee news website of India on April 8, the Indian Air Force claimed reliable information and evidence that the Pakistani Army lost an F-16 fighter in an air battle with Lieutenant Colonel Abinandan Waltaman on February 27. Major General Kapoor said at a news conference that the Air Force would not share all the details of the air battle for security and confidentiality reasons, but he showed some evidence that the MiG-21 fighter shot down the Pakistani F-16 fighter over Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian Air Force statement said, In the air battle, Colonel Abinantans MiG-21 fighter plane shot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter plane. The F-16 crashed in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir on the other side of the actual line of control. The Indian army lost a MiG-21 in the air battle. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Abinadan, ejected safely from the cabin, but he was detained by the Pakistani Army.

The statement insists: There is irrefutable evidence that the Pakistani Air Force launched the F-16 on February 27, and that the Indian MiG-21 shot down the F-16 of the Pakistani Army. Two separate parachutes were sighted at an Indian Army outpost near the actual control line. The Indian radio communication intercepted in the Bahrain Barracks in the area clearly mentioned the capture of at least two pilots, one of whom was Lieutenant Colonel Abinadan and the other was taken to hospital. The position of the Indian Air Force is further confirmed by some official statements by the Director of the Public Relations Bureau of the Pakistani Armed Forces. Prime Ministers statement further confirmed that there were more than one pilot at that time. All this proves conclusively that two planes crashed in the same area on the same day, about a minute to one minute and thirty seconds apart.

There is no doubt that two planes crashed in the air battle on February 27, one of which was the Indian MiG-21 fighter plane, and the other was the Pakistan F-16, which was identified by its electronic features and radio communication records. The statement made here today is sufficient proof that the Pakistani army lost an F-16 on 27 February.

The picture shows the wreckage of the shot-down Indian MiG-21 Bison fighter plane found by Pakistani Army soldiers in the control area on the Pakistani side. On the upper right is an improved Mig-21 Bison data map of India.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023