Crazy Liaomi! Beauty fans: Liao Basketball Recruitment Rare 6-year-old Mengwa: Cut him!

 Crazy Liaomi! Beauty fans: Liao Basketball Recruitment Rare 6-year-old Mengwa: Cut him!

20 teams to watch the ball.

Not far from the ticket gate, a group of fans wearing white T-shirts attracted considerable attention. Reporters noted that these young people wear uniform T-shirts, with the front printed with the words champion Liaoning. Leader Mr. Zhou told reporters that this was a group building activity organized by his logistics company. A total of 20 employees participated in the activity. The T-shirts they wore were specially tailored to play the best sixth person in the competition. As a Shenyang citizen, I am also a fan of Liaoning Team. I watched almost all the matches of Liaoning Team. According to Mr. Zhou, after the game, people may find a place to gather and talk about the game and communicate their feelings. I hope Liaoning team can win the game!

Young couple: He supports the team. She loves Allen alone.

A young couple took a picture of the supporting board of Shenyang Evening News. The couple, who seemed to be in love with others, were actually married. Ms. Zhou told reporters that when they were in college, they were lovers and had a hobby of watching balls. So, who drives them? The answer given by Zhou is very special: He likes Liaoning Team, and I like Guo Allen! He likes the whole team, and I like one person! Xiao Zhou also told reporters, When we first met, we were all students. We had no conditions to come to the scene to watch the ball. Now we are working to make money. Finally, we can come to the scene to support our favorite teams and players.

21-year-old fans: Liao Basketball must have a backhand

Mr. Li, a tall fan, has been watching Liaoning Mens Basketball since 1998. He said that the arrival of the scene to cheer for the Liaoning Basketball Team was because the first game was a key battle, and he hoped to come to the scene to witness important moments. Mr. Li is confident about the semi-finals. I think our Liaoning team is very hard-working. Personally, the physical condition of each of our team members may not be dominant, but I think Liaoning team has a backhand. Although Korea is injured and can not play, but you see when Korea is not on the court, we are not in the downwind, so I believe that our Liao Basketball tactics must be adjusted! Must refuel!

Emotional Fans: 30 Years of Following and 30 Years of Love

Whether its Liaoning basketball, win or I love Liaoning basketball, who do you love? I love who Liao Basketball loves, a loud cry, highlighting the spirit of Liaoning fans, but also let people feel the support and love of Liao Basketball fans. Lao Li can be said to be a veteran fan, 30 years of hard-core old fans are not unreal, the home game, I have not fallen, we must go to the scene to support our home team. Lao Li said: My confidence in our basketball team comes not only from technology, but also from emotions. I believe that the players and fans have the same heart and mind. Our support will certainly be felt by the lads and become full of motivation. I specially made the slogan Towards the Finals to express the support and trust of our fans to the lads in the Liao Basketball Basketball Team.

Beauty fans: Liao basketball players are rare recruits

With slogans in hand and standard sportswear, Xiao Zheng is very bright in the crowd. Ive seen almost all the games at home, and Ive been to Guangzhou with Li Ges fans team. I like Liao Basketball! __________ Actually, I didnt know how to play ball at first. I just thought the boys were handsome. Xiao Zheng said, Slowly, after watching more games, we can see the doorway. We are deeply fond of this sport. We must support the team in our hometown. In fact, Xiao Zheng not only saw the doorway, but also fascinated the players of the Liao basketball team. I like Guo Allen best. Well, Zhao Jiwei can do it too. Xiao Zheng said as he displayed his equipment: Look, this is a battle gown with Guo Allens number printed on it. It also wears a Zhao Jiweis. Hahaha, Im very flowery, who calls our Liao basketball team members are so rare.

6-year-old Mengwa: A cut him momentum is full

Source: Shenyang Evening News Author: Li Qinghai Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800