The King of Atletico has no chance of Barcelona! The big guys told the high-level: He is not welcome.

 The King of Atletico has no chance of Barcelona! The big guys told the high-level: He is not welcome.

Last summer, Gritzman played a trick on Barcelona. Gritzman negotiated a deal with Barcelona, but eventually opted for a raise to renew Atletico Madrids contract. Despite Gritzmanns claim that not going to Barcelona is not a way to beat Messi, senior Barcelona officials still believe that he is simply using Barcelona as a tool to pressure Atletico Madrid to raise wages. Gritzman refused to join and directly disrupted Barcelonas offer. As a result, Barcelona failed to buy other top-level new strikers, only to cut off Malcolms iron bench.

Gritzman released the pigeons from Barcelona and directly hurt Pique. Gritzman made two versions of the documentary, in which he announced that he would stay at Atletico Madrid and join Barcelona. The two documentaries were filmed for him by Picker Company. After Gritzman decided to stay at Atletico Madrid, Pique was criticized by Barcelonas top management for not reporting information. Pick felt very aggrieved at that time. First, he did not participate in the documentary filming. Second, he had no idea which version of the documentary Gritzman would play.

Next season, there is no possibility that Gritzman will play the leading role in the Nou Camp. At the heart of Barcelonas future will be another Frenchman, Denberry. Barcelonas medical staff gave Denberet a green light for his return yesterday and the Frenchman will be able to play for Manchester United. But before the game, Balvad still said that he would be cautious about Denberrys return. Denbele was back against Lyon last time, but the injury relapsed and he was absent for nearly a month.

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