Wades farewell speech forbore tears: harvested many brothers for a lifetime

 Wades farewell speech forbore tears: harvested many brothers for a lifetime

Before the game, the Heat held a small tribute to Wade. The live video also showed many representative moments of Wades career, as well as the wishes of many rivals, relatives and friends.

Wade was emotional and addressed the audience. He said, Man, you are trying to make me cry. I love you all. Im very grateful for this moment. Im grateful for the whole season.

Wade stood with his eldest son, Zari, and thanked each of his teammates this season, including those who were laid off and traded.

I thank you guys for the last dance with me this season, Wade said. I thank you guys for your patience this season, I thank you for your love for me, and I thank you for your support this season.

I have some brothers who will always be my brothers. I love you all.

Wade was also inspired by emotions, scoring the highest 30 points of the game to help the Heat win. Unfortunately, as the Pistons beat the Grizzlies today, the Heat also bid farewell to the playoffs.

In the tribute video, Wades former teammate and good friend LeBron also appeared. He acted as a narrator in the video. He said: Stress can hinder you, but it can also make you stronger and make you a real leader. Then you climb to the top twice and do it in different situations.

Wades wife, Eunion, said, We celebrate, we cry, the whole city cheers your name and breaks through the clouds. This season is not just a reunion, but a rebirth of your basketball game.