The child model was kicked by her mother and apologized to her mother: teaching action never hurts the mind

 The child model was kicked by her mother and apologized to her mother: teaching action never hurts the mind

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Kid model kicked? Mother apologizes: Teaching action is absolutely harmless. (Source:)

On the 9th, a video of a child model being kicked was circulated on the Internet. Later, the media reported that the girl who kicked the girl was her mother. On the 10th, the girls mother issued an apology statement through her micro-blog, saying that she had no intention of child abuse, but that she was communicating and teaching her actions as shown in the video were slightly bigger and harmless.

Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that the online video showed a 3-year-old girl walking forward with a bag, followed by a man and a woman, two adults, taking pictures behind the girl. The girl took two steps and put her bag on the ground. The woman in white behind her suddenly kicked the girl forward. Subsequently, there were media reports that the girl who was kicked was Niuniu, a child model and Niunius mother.

After the video was sent out, netizens were indignant that as a mother, she treated her children so roughly and was suspected of domestic violence. In addition, some netizens questioned the mother, using her children to make money, depriving them of their normal childhood life.

On the 10th, users certified as Niu Niu Ma-201009 on Weibo issued an apology statement saying that children are the hearts and minds of their parents, love is good, and do nothing to abuse children. Niunius mother said that in communication and teaching, such as the idea that a little big action on video would never hurt, which caused misunderstanding among netizens, she was deeply sorry, and said that her daughter was a close relative and absolutely received the best care and love.

On the morning of the 10th, a reporter from the Beiqing Daily contacted Niunius mother, who posted a microblog. She said that the microblog was indeed her own, and that she was totally untrue about the rumors that she had abused her daughter on the Internet. Who doesnt love and like her children, she was not picked up by me, Niunius mother said.

Niu Nius mother told Beiqing Daily that after the video was disseminated on the Internet, she herself suffered from cyber violence. Some people threatened not only to kill her, but also to the shops Niu had previously photographed.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825