Qualcomm releases M665 and M730: the first 8-nm process

 Qualcomm releases M665 and M730: the first 8-nm process

Qiaolong 730 Mobile Platform

Luan 730 is an upgraded version of the quasi-flagship platform Luan 710. There are two versions of Luan 730 mobile platform, one is Luan 730 code named SM7150-AA and the other is Luan 730 code named SM7150-AB. Samsung 8nmLPP process and 2 *Performance+6 *efficiency Kryo470 CPU framework are adopted. The main frequency of large core is 2.2 GHz and that of small core is 1.8 GHz. Adreno 618 GPU is integrated, and its performance is 25% higher than that of the previous generation.

At the same time, Qianlong 730 and Qianlong 730G upgrade DSP to Hexagon 688, ISP to Spectra 350 ISP, support 36MP single-camera and 22MP dual-camera, and 30fps 4KHDR video recording specifications, compared with Qianlong 710 have improved. As the difference between Qiaolong 730G and Qiaolong 730, Qiaolong 730G carries the super-frequency version of Adreno 618GPU. It claims that its graphics performance has been improved by 15%. It supports HDR games, optimizes exclusively and reduces carton. It can also record 960fps slow motion video with HD resolution.

Mobileplate 665

Maolong 665 is an upgraded version of Maolong 660 released the year before last. It adopts 11-nm technology and adopts Kryo260 8-core CPU framework which is the same as Maolong 660. Although the main frequency of the large core is reduced to 2.0GHz, the GPU is upgraded to Adreno610, while the DSP and ISP are upgraded to Hexagon 686 and Spectra 165ISP, respectively, and the AI performance is two times higher than that of Mirosaur 660.

Due to the 11-nanometer process, the power consumption of M665 is 20% lower than that of M660 processor, but the performance of CPU and GPU has not been improved much.

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Yao Liwei_NT6056