American Expert: The possibility of US military spending cuts in the near future is very small.

 American Expert: The possibility of US military spending cuts in the near future is very small.

Reference News Network reported on April 10, according to Russian Satellite Network on April 5, David Schultz, professor of political science at Hamlet University in the United States, told Russian media that military strength is an important foreign policy tool of the Trump Administration of the United States, and that the possibility of the United States reducing military expenditures in the near future is very small.

U.S. President Trump had earlier suggested that the United States and Russia should work together to cut military spending. In response, Schultz said: I dont think the United States will make any cuts in military spending in the near future. The U.S. government believes that its own interests depend on huge and overwhelming military expenditures. Moreover, during President Trumps presidency, less attention was paid to diplomacy, which meant that the U.S. government would pay more attention to military power as a policy tool. Therefore, the United States will continue to maintain high military expenditure in the future.

The American expert also said that the possibility of signing an arms control treaty between the United States and other countries is not very high. The United States has no incentive to negotiate an arms control treaty. Indeed, the United States has a high fiscal deficit, but it seems to have little to do with military spending, which is based on political interests and national interests of the United States.

Russian media pointed out that the US defense budget for fiscal year 2019 was 716 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world. The Pentagon applied for a defense budget of up to $750 billion in fiscal year 2020, an increase of 5% over 2019.

DATA FIGURE: Twenty-six F-22 stealth fighter planes were trained in Elephant Walk at Elmendorf Base, Alaska.

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