Guashuai was badly hit! He didnt dare to look up at the penalty kick until he lost the penalty.

 Guashuai was badly hit! He didnt dare to look up at the penalty kick until he lost the penalty.

In the 12th minute of the match, Sterling made a breakthrough on the left side and was blocked by Ross after entering the restricted area. The referee on duty first awarded a corner kick, but then awarded a penalty for Rosss handball foul by VAR technology. Aguero gave a penalty on his right foot. Unexpectedly, Lori responded quickly and threw the ball out. Manchester City missed a good chance to break the goal.

Through the replay of slow footage, in the moment of Agueros penalty kick, Guardiola on the coachs bench dared not look at it, only saw him bury his head and clasp his hands. Knowing that the Argentine striker missed the penalty, the Catalans first looked up at the court, then leaned back against the bench behind them. Then they pulled their clothes and licked their lips with their tongues slightly outstretched. They wanted to express what they wanted without saying anything, and their faces were very stiff.

Guadiolas disappointment was evident. Aguero failed to take the penalty and the morale of Manchester City was greatly affected. The Blue Moon played passively in subsequent matches. After a delay in breaking the deadlock, at the end of the game, Sun Xingtuo seized the opportunity to score a winning goal for Spurs because of a fatal defence mistake. With the loss of the game, Manchester Citys record of 14 consecutive wins in all competitions was also forced to end.

Statistics show that in the past 14 encounters with Pochetino, Guardiola has lost only two games, the remaining 12 games are 8-4, of which the past three have maintained a total victory. Now, with the loss of the game, the Catalans have lost three games against Bocchedino. Another horrible set of data shows that since he became head coach, Guardiola has led his team to every cup final (Champions League, Kings Cup, German Cup, World Club Cup, League Cup and FA Cup), and 11 times in 12 cup finals, Guardiola has laughed the last. But embarrassingly, since the 2011/12 season, Guashuai has won only three of the 15 away Champions League knockouts against Schalke 04, Basel and Arsenal.

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