Liao Basketball is the weakest! Breakthrough of No.3 Lost in Xinjiang

 Liao Basketball is the weakest! Breakthrough of No.3 Lost in Xinjiang

Compared with Liaoning Mens Basketball Team, the biggest advantage of Xinjiang Team lies in the third position. In the 9 th match, Xinjiang Team relied on the full suppression of the third position, and finally took away a away victory.

Guo Allen cut 28 points in the air. Photographed by Sun Haitao, a journalist of our newspaper

Back to 1 minute and 14 seconds before the end, Gao Shiyan hit three points, turning the score to 93:93, which also ignited the passion of Liao Basketball home fans. But after calling a suspension, Xinjiang team resolutely took the attack of position 3 as the breakthrough point. In the next two rounds, Abu Du Salamay and Li Gen successively attacked under the basket and won the game for Xinjiang team. Falling just one step away from the victory, this result is cruel to the Liaoning Basketball Team, but there is no way, because they are very helpless in the third position defense throughout the game.

In the last round of competition with Fujian Team, the No. 3 position of Liao Basketball Team was considered the greatest weakness, but Zhao Tailong and Chen Lin of Fujian Team insisted that the offensive ability of the ball was very general, while the technical characteristics of two No. 3 players of Xinjiang Team made Liao Basketball Team very uncomfortable. From the beginning of the match, Xinjiang team intends to create the singles chance of No. 3 unit. Whoever Abu Du Salamu and Li Gen are on the court is the main attack point of Xinjiang team. Throughout the game, Abu Du Salamander made 11 of 21 shots and cut 26 points and 7 rebounds, especially 4 front rebounds.

Li Gen didnt play much time in the first three quarters, and his attack efficiency was very low in the face of Liao Basketball teams co-defense. However, it is clear that coach A Dijiang intends to make him work hard for the fourth quarter. Indeed, in the fourth quarter, Li Gen scored 7 points, especially in the absence of foreign aid Felder 6 offenders, it was Li Gen who carried the attack flag of Xinjiang Team and threw a suspense killing goal against Guo Allens defense. From 2015 to 2019, from Beijing Team to Xinjiang Team, Li Gen has always been a problem that Liao Basketball can not solve.

Source: Liaoning Daily Author: Responsible Editor of Li Xiang: Ma Bile_NS4800