Liao Media: Guo Allen has a problem with his final attack choice. He should do it alone.

 Liao Media: Guo Allen has a problem with his final attack choice. He should do it alone.

In 29 seconds before the end, Allen Guo made a good layup and narrowed the difference to 2 points. The Xinjiang team did not shoot in the next round, but only 8 seconds were left for the Liao basket. After grabbing the backcourt rebound, Guo Allen did not stop for a short time, but took a step and passed the ball directly to Liu Zhixuan, who was fast down. At this time, the players of Xinjiang team had returned to the defensive position. Liu Zhixuan could only take the ball to the outside line. With the miss of the whistle, the Liaoyao basket failed to perform a miracle in the end.

Looking back, Liaoning Mens Basketball Teams offensive choice is indeed questionable. In 8 seconds, it is not difficult to finish the whole process from the back to the front and also to score the ball. Whether in the NBA or in the CBA, it should be the most common choice to apply for a short pause immediately after the rebound. After all, Liao Basketball was only 2 points behind at that time. It was possible to choose the last attack, whether it was a sure two-point close to the basket or a direct three-point fight through cover.

After not calling for a pause, Guo Allens next choice seems to have some problems. As the teams best fast-breaker, he can actually choose to go his own way. In fact, Liu Zhixuan seems to have not prepared enough for Guo Allens passing. He hesitated for a few seconds, and his chances were fleeting. As for why Guo Allen chose to pass, maybe he was exhausted at that time. Maybe he thought Liu Zhixuans position was better at that moment. There must be his reason.

At the press conference after the match, coach Guo Shiqiang also talked about the choice of the last attack: The choice of players at the last moment is made in an instant, whether right or wrong, the instant judgment is correct, there is no reasonable and unreasonable difference, the key is that you must make the choice at that moment. In fact, Liao basketball players did make a choice in the shortest time, but regrettably failed to achieve satisfactory results in the end.

Source: Liaoning Daily Author: Responsible Editor of Li Xiang: Ma Bile_NS4800