Liao Media: Guangdong lost suspense in the semi-finals. They have reached the finals with one foot.

 Liao Media: Guangdong lost suspense in the semi-finals. They have reached the finals with one foot.

Our reporter Huang Yan

There should be no doubt that Guangdong Mens Basketball Team is the hottest team in this years CBA championship. Another group of CBA semi-finals in the first game is the best proof, Guangdong mens basketball home 141:118 victory over Shenzhen mens basketball. The second match between the two teams on April 10 will determine the fate of Shenzhen Team. Guangdong Mens Basketball Team has the ability to make the series lose suspense ahead of schedule.

Before Shenzhen team reversed the Beijing team is amazing, when facing Guangdong team, it is also lamentable that there is no fighting effort, Tangtangtang CBA semi-finals, the strength difference is so wide! Where is the strength of Guangdong Team? Wang Jianjun, head coach of Shenzhen Team, has the most experience: Guangdong Team has distinct characteristics, their counter-attacks are particularly sharp, the main players have a high level, and the young players grow fast, all of which are their advantages. In fact, in the four playoffs that have been played, none of the Guangdong team scored less than 135 points, averaging a net victory of more than 30 points per game. Such opponents are terrible.

Of course, Shenzhen team will not give up easily, Wang Jianjun said: In the face of Beijing team, our players did not give up when they were two games behind. After that round of competition, the players have made a qualitative leap in technology, tactics and psychology. However, the competition is still speaking with strength, the two teams meet again, how to curb Guangdong teams rapid counter-attack, this is the Shenzhen team to think about. According to the CBA competition system, the semi-final home and away match is 2-3-2, which means that Shenzhen team must play a decent blockade in the second match, in order to really build confidence and Guangdong team to fight to the end.

For the Guangdong Mens Basketball Team, the second game will certainly not be relaxed, nor will it be relaxed. Just like in the previous match, even if Guangdong team suppressed Shenzhen team in all directions, coach Du Feng also took it seriously and did not allow the players to have any slack. Given the great strength of Guangdong Team, it can be concluded that they have stepped into the Finals with one foot.

Source: Liaoning Daily Author: Huang Yan Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800