Under the 2-3-2 competition system, Liaoning Basketball Teams passive away journey is more dangerous.

 Under the 2-3-2 competition system, Liaoning Basketball Teams passive away journey is more dangerous.

Liaoning Mens Basketball Team lost to Xinjiang Mens Basketball Team by 95:97 in the CBA semi-finals of the 2008-2019 season which ended last night. Failure to get a red start at home, but also let himself in the seven-game four-win semi-final contest temporarily with a total score of 0:1 backward, which is undoubtedly a very unfavorable start to the Liao Basketball Series.

From the whole course of the game, the two sides are always in a state of balance of power, and the process of the game is particularly sticky. Liao basketball team played fairly smoothly in the initial stage, but after Xinjiang team stabilized its position, it gradually showed its superiority in the low position attack when entering the double foreign aid stage. Especially, the front players Abu Du Salamay and Li Gen-fen frequently used their height superiority to attack, which made Liao basketball seem more laborious.

After Han Dejun was injured, the overall height of Liao Basketball Team was obviously affected. First, the absolute height of the interior line was no longer, and secondly, the height of the front line, which was not dominant, was even more unprotected. In this match, although Liao Basketball team has enough psychological preparation, it has suffered a lot in the defensive links of the interior line. Not only has it lost to the opponent in rebound data, but also in many cases, facing Abu Du Salamay, who is 2.03 meters tall, it seems that there are few ways to deal with it, and the opponent has forcibly hit many attacks under the basket.

However, Liao Basketball also has its own countermeasures. Although they are at a disadvantage in overall height, they have adopted a wide range of defensive sandwiches against Xinjiang team through the mobility of the three guards on the field. Especially from the second half of the third quarter, the team gradually increased the defensive intensity, which also caused Xinjiang players to make repeated mistakes. In the fourth section, driven by Guo Allens personal attack, the Liao Basketball Team once exceeded the score on the court, while also causing the Xinjiang teams small foreign aid Feld to be punished for his sixth personal foul.

It can be said that in this game, the two teams have fully played their advantages in the lineup. Only at the critical moment when the two sides reached a draw, the Liao Basketball team did not withstand the impact of the other side on the front position in the defense, and fell into the backward situation again.

At the last moment, Liao Basketball team launched a desperate counter-attack when they were 2 points behind. They first completed a successful defense very hard, and won a slight chance to equalize the score or to kill the game for themselves. Such opportunities are not easy to come by, and it is really very difficult to achieve a lethal strike between electro-optical flints. Liu Zhixuan, who was in the front line of the teams counter-attack, got such an opportunity, but the time left for him was really too little to make more adjustments, or even to drive the ball further to the inside line. Liu Zhixuan could only force a three-point shot from the outside.

When the ball is curved in the air, it attracts the attention of people all over the place. With almost no time left, the ball decides the final victory or defeat of the game. Only in this evening, luck did not stand on the side of the Liao Basketball, the three-point shot was still shot out, and then the game ended, Liao Basketball failed to reverse the game at the last moment.

Despite losing the game, the victory or defeat of the game is only between the last ball, which is enough to show that the confrontation between the Liaoning Basketball Team and Xinjiang Team is indeed a balance of power. In the next game, the two sides are afraid to continue this situation, so that every game is full of suspense.

Guo Shiqiang: The playersinstantaneous judgment is correct.

Losing the first game of the opening game, the Liaoning Mens Basketball Team has been at a disadvantage in the semi-final series, especially in the 2-3-2 tournament under the three away trips, will become more dangerous. However, for the team, it is not too early to consider the away game, coach Guo Shiqiang also admitted after the game, the current teams first task is to strive for a good second game.

Guo Shiqiang first affirmed the excellent performance of both players in the first round of last nights match with Xinjiang Team: Both sides gave fans a wonderful match, they played very well, and they fought defensively. Looking at the score, we can see that there were no more than one hundred. Both sides did well in the rebound contest.

Although he lost the game, Guo Shiqiang was not particularly depressed. He thought it was a pity to lose the game, but Liaoning Basketball did not do well in some places, so it was normal to lose the game. We prepared a lot of difficulties before the game, including the backward start, but there were still some problems in the end. But theres no problem. Well adjust the time one day and try to play the second game well.

Similar to the previous round of playoffs, Liao Basketballs offense was still more centered around Guo Allen, who also scored an excellent performance of 28 points and 9 assists, but regrettably failed to help the team bring a victory in the end. For the core performance of the team, Guo Shiqiang believes that it needs to continue to adjust, Allen in the first two and a half quarters, in the choice of attack opportunities, the ball handling is not very clear, several times is not very reasonable, resulting in more errors, which requires him to adjust as soon as possible. But in the second half, especially in the second and fourth quarters of the third quarter, he did better than in the first half.

At the last moment, Liao Basketball still had the chance to reverse the score, but failed to hit three points in the counter-attack. In this regard, Guo Shiqiang believes that the choice of players at the last moment is not a problem. A ball opportunity, when the players on the court all judgments are instantaneous, whether correct or wrong, instantaneous judgments are correct. If you score two points in the basket or make a foul free throw, you can play overtime, but if you score three points, you can win the game, or you can. There is no reasonable or unreasonable difference. It is very important for players to make instantaneous judgments.

In the confrontation with the Xinjiang team, the Liao Basketball team is in a significant downturn in overall height, which is also the reason for their extra hard work in the competition. In the following matches, this objective condition can not be changed, therefore, Liaoning players need to work harder to deal with this problem.

In this regard, Guo Shiqiang also said: It is true that our team, whether absolute height or average height, is the shortest in the playoffs, especially in the front line, which is very difficult for low defense and rebounding, including the last round against Fujian team. Now we can only rely on the overall defense, everyones rebound consciousness, to actively top people, in order to solve the current problem.

Tomorrow night, Liao Basketball team will continue to play in the second semi-final at home. Whether it can win a victory and equalize the total score to go away will be of great significance to the trend of their whole series.

Gao Peng, Liaoshen Evening News and Liaoshen Client Reporter

Source: responsible editor of Shenyang Daily: Ma Bile_NS4800