Crazy hints? Milans general cant forget the Juventus controversy

 Crazy hints? Milans general cant forget the Juventus controversy

In the first round of the Champions League quarter-final at Spurshome to Manchester City, in the 12th minute, Manchester City player Sterlings shot hit Spurs defender Ross on the arm, which was blocked by falling ground. After VAR replay, the referee finally awarded a penalty. Milan defender Mousakio also watched the Champions League and then posted on his Instagram a television picture of Ross being sentenced to a penalty kick, along with a few icons for reflection.

Obviously, Mousakio hinted at the missed penalty of Sandro in Milans previous match against Juventus. The Sports Daily of Rome also published special pictures of Sandros handball and Roses handball. It can be seen that both of them fell down to try to block the opponents ball, and the ball also hit the arm, but Sandros handball did not award a penalty, Rosss handball was awarded a penalty, which obviously makes people question what criteria the referee should use.

In fact, in this weeks Italian referee and club working conference, the Italian referee association president Nicky and referee director Rizoli have admitted to the Milan club that the current referee Fabri misjudged, affecting the final outcome of the game. Fabri has also been suspended for several weeks and will not be enforcing Milans game this season.

Napolis loyal fans and Italian singer Dariusio also joked in an interview, How can Napoli win the Serie A title this season? They have to buy a referee. But then Dario admitted, Its hard to compete with Juve. As a Napoli fan, I would say that when we beat Juventus, it was like winning the World Cup.

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