Zhang Yingyings suspect lawyer blamed the school for his attempt to murder but failed to seek help.

 Zhang Yingyings suspect lawyer blamed the school for his attempt to murder but failed to seek help.

BEIJING, April 10 (CNN) -- According to CNN 9, the defense lawyer for the suspect of kidnapping and killing Zhang Yingying, a Chinese visiting scholar, said that Christensen had sought help from a consultant at the University of Illinois for suicide and homicide three months before Zhang Yingyings disappearance, but the school did not give enough care.

Source: American suspect Christensen.

According to documents submitted by the defence over the weekend, Christensen, 29, entered the campus psychological counseling center on March 21, 2017 and told the counselor that he had always had the idea of committing a murder case, reflecting on how people kill a person and get away with it. The physics student said that he even bought some items for killing and dealing with corpses, but then returned them.

According to the file, defense lawyers hope that a federal judge in Pioria will allow clinical psychologist Susan Zoline to tell the jury Mr. Christensens treatment... It does not meet the applicable nursing standards.

The prosecutor wanted the judge to ban Zoline from testifying, saying that these statements were inaccurate and insignificant and would confuse the jury. The trial is scheduled to commence on 3 June.

The University of Illinois said in a statement Thursday that it was unable to comment on the treatment of individual students. However, it emphasized that the staff of the University of Illinois Consulting Center have received nursing training, which is in line with the best practices of mental health care in the country.

The prosecutor said in the document that there was no sign that the counselor had neglected Christensens treatment, and pointed out that he described his killing impulse as an illusion and repeatedly diluted it. He never threatened Zhang Yingying or anyone else with his real name.

In his submission, the prosecutor pointed out Illinois law, saying that counselors were not obliged to respond to statements in treatment unless the patient posed a specific threat to a particular and identified victim.

The document said Christensen also told consultants that prescription drugs and alcohol were destroying my life. He talked about how frustrated he became after his wife said she was leaving him to find another man and gave up her doctoral program.

DATA FIGURE: The surveillance screen before Zhang Yingying disappeared.

Prosecutors seeking the death penalty for Christensen say he lured Zhang Yingying into his car in June 2017 and tortured and killed her. Three weeks later, he was arrested, but Zhang Yingyings remains remain undiscovered.

When prosecutors announced last year that they were seeking the death penalty, Christensen said his wish was to be known as a killer. According to the 2017 complaint file, his mobile phone has a record of watching a forum called Kidnapping 101.

Source: Pan Qingqing_NBJS5830, Responsible Editor of CNN