Friends circle advertising can be @ friends commented interaction was Tucao WeChat responded.

 Friends circle advertising can be @ friends commented interaction was Tucao WeChat responded.

In the afternoon of April 9, Weixin told CNN that @ Friend Comment Interaction has become another social ability of Friend Circle Advertising, which provides users with new interactive play methods and adds social communication value to advertisers.

According to a notice issued by Wechats advertising assistant, advertisers do not need to operate, and all circle of friends advertisements default to have the ability of @ friend comment interaction. Users can interact with their friends in the comment area of the advertisement, just like comments and comments.

Netizens Tucao, I will shield advertising, you still count me @ friends? Who @ I, I blacken who, do not leave a living mouth. Necessary functions such as `two-way deletionare not online, and net online writing is useless.

Data analysis found that some users are in need of this. Through the users @ friend interaction, users can watch, share and discuss with their friends. Under this interaction, usersunderstanding and understanding of the brand is natural and friendly. It seems a little too formal to forward an advertisement, and @ just seems right. WeChat said.

Indicated by @ Friend Experience. Screenshots of Wechat Advertising

Others believe that the Wechat Friendship Circle advertisement is charged according to the number of people who display the advertisement. If these @ friends see the advertisement and increase the number of exhibitions and interactions, will they be charged by other advertisers?

Wechat told reporters that the social exposure generated by @ Friend Interaction function is attributed to gift exposure, without charge.

In addition, we all know that Wechat Friendship Circle advertising was born with the big data accurate positioning label, but @ these friends, not necessarily large data accurate positioning crowd, will this have some contradictions with Wechat Friendship Circle advertising positioning, advertising effect will be discounted?

According to Wechat, one of the core features of Friendship Advertising is social attributes. Friendship comment interaction is a specific functional extension of social attributes, which is in line with each other.

Source of this article: ChinaNet responsible editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541