B Station Quick Hand Tremble New Routine: Content Flow Platform Collective Test Hydropower Businessmen

 B Station Quick Hand Tremble New Routine: Content Flow Platform Collective Test Hydropower Businessmen

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In Shuang11, 2018, Li Jiaqi, the anchor of Taobao. com, and Ma Yun PK sold lipstick live. As a result, well-known entrepreneurs did not compete with KOL in the field of lipstick sales. Li Jiaqis record of selling 15,000 Lipsticks in five minutes has never been surpassed.

After Li Jiaqi, wearing a lipstick ring, entered the tremolo station, his number of tremolo fans has reached more than 19 million, and every video clip has hundreds of thousands to millions of points of praise. Through the combination of tremolo window and shopping assistant, tremolo can jump lipstick products to Taobao for purchase. The PK eventually sold 320,000 goods and sold 67 million yuan. The popularity of net red traffic with goods is evident.

Station B, which has huge secondary traffic, has recently tested a new e-commerce small program Potential Energy List Grass Planter in the client, trying to break through the transformation of content traffic to e-commerce. At present, the official response is that the function is an upgraded version of e-commerce stores, which is still in the stage of internal testing, and the name is undetermined.

Previously, Fast Hand has been online Fast Hand Shop e-commerce applet, tremble online shopping assistant function module, this B station online Potential Energy List Grass Planter e-commerce applet, content flow platform for collective testing of hydropower providers.

After all, the model of video content e-commerce has been validated on fast-hand and jitter.

During last years Double Eleventh Period, orders from fast-handed stores exceeded 10 million yuan, and e-commerce transactions exceeded 300 million yuan in peak period. And the tremble of open shopping assistants has not fallen, through the sharing function of no assistants, trembler red people sold up to 100,000 items a day, transformed sales exceeded 200 million, orders increased by 1,000%. Station B also hopes that Nethong and millions of Up fans will join to form a new content e-commerce system.

The Rise of Consumption in Z Era

If B station, tremble, fast hand and other traffic platforms successively release e-commerce small programs, platform traffic realisation anxiety is the internal cause, external cause is the change of consumption level. From the data point of view, the main user groups of several platforms are the post-90s and post-95s Internet Z generation groups, who are more keen on social media shopping, consumption in social platforms such as live broadcasting, video and so on.

For Generation Z, they represent a new consumer market. Their consumption decisions, consumption concepts and habits will bring about many new business models. For e-commerce platforms like Xiao Hong Shu, grass-planting articles have replaced traditional TV advertisements and become new channels for brand promotion. The live broadcasting functions of B-station, fast-hand and trembler, which have been opened one after another, are exploring a new mode of live broadcasting and selling goods.

The more popular short video mode can refine the selling point and attract users better. Because of the limitation of video time, information transmission needs to be more compact, emphasize product characteristics repeatedly, and strengthen the users impression of the product. Simplified processing of commodity information is also one of the important reasons why Li Jiaqi can defeat Ma Yun in the lipstick war.

Therefore, whether it is grass planting, short video marketing or live broadcasting, which platform can do better in information dissemination and more cater to the new generation of young peoples consumption concept, the future e-commerce mode of Chafan business will develop better.

Realization of Video Platform

After the announcement of the 2018 earnings report, Station B, which is still in a loss state, has naturally become the focus of future development because of its commitment to abandon the way of revenue realized by video patch advertisements. It is mentioned in the financial report that at present, about 100 million users of B station, but only 4.4 million paying users. Activating the willingness of non-paying users to pay is also the main goal of E-commerce small program of B station.

Two other national-level applications, Fast Hand and Tremble, have also launched their own e-commerce models, the former launching fast-handed stores, and its upgraded wheat field plan. The latter online store entrance, opened the shopping assistant function.

Up to now, fast-hand stores have access to Taobao, Tianmao, Youzan and invincible counters and other third-party e-commerce platforms. Previous public information showed that in the last two months of 2018, fast-hand e-commerce had hundreds of thousands of sellers and millions of products.

The tremolo shopping assistant has a huge amount of traffic in todays headline system, which also accelerates the exploration of video + e-commerce. Tremolo not only launched shopping carts, but also laid out a series of products, such as DOU+, commodity windows, e-commerce research institutes, to find the best business opportunities through deepening operation.

It should be said that the exploration of B station, fast hand and jitter for content + e-commerce is not only very important for the future development of the platform. It is also of great significance for the active Up owners and video creators on their respective platforms. After all, if these authors can get economic benefits on the platform, the enthusiasm for continuous creation will be maintained. It also avoids the problem of frequent Big V Running Out incidents when it comes to commercial problems.

Is the content + e-commerce model feasible?

Before the exploration of content + e-commerce mode dominated by B-station, fast-hand, trembler and other platforms, the traffic + e-commerce mode did not go smoothly. Both Weixin and Weibo are platforms with hundreds of millions of traffic, but Weixins micro-business ecology has not been activated by the help of third-party small programs such as interesting stores, Youzan and Weimeng. Weibo has launched showcase e-commerce products and has not become a widely used product.

The fundamental difference between content + e-commerce and traffic + e-commerce is that content has personality than traffic. Therefore, the success of the content + e-commerce model depends on two factors.

One is the conversion rate of user shopping guided by IP. When users are attracted by content, they will form a desire to buy. Creating content IP in fast-hand and tremble, rather than just making Internet blockbusters, is the key to long-term transformation. Fast hand and long tail traffic of jitter, how to form e-commerce IP, will be the key operation direction of the platform in the future.

With nearly 100 million active users in B station, the secondary culture of the relatively small crowd brings users stickiness and loyalty. However, it is facing the problem of expanding the category of e-commerce products. The cultural peripheral products such as secondary yuan, games, entertainment in Station B are relatively good to sell, but the clothing and cosmetics which are the fastest-moving in the category of e-commerce products are difficult to expand. It is unknown whether the combination of B station and Taobao can solve this problem smoothly with the help of small e-commerce programs.

Second, the platform to improve the business service process. Fast-hand mainly depends on the cooperation with Tencent in this respect. Fast-hand shop combines with the fast-hand shopping assistant launched by Weixin to complete online shopping closed-loop in Weixin. The way to tremble is to select items in your shopping assistant and complete the transaction by skipping Taobao.

Station B has previously cooperated with Taobao. A large number of active Up owners can upload their own videos to attract audiences to the official Daren store launched by Taobao. This small program on-line, but also for better service Up owners, for the vast majority of willing to pay users to provide more perfect closed-loop conditions.

For the three platforms, the exploration of business is not only a commercial exploration of the platform, but also an important means to enhance the enthusiasm of platform authors for content creation. However, the future development of content + e-commerce still needs time to test.

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