Actorsconscious transformation in the past three years

 Actorsconscious transformation in the past three years

Recently, Zheng Xiaolong, who directed Golden Marriage and Zhenwei Biography, declared that the selection of actors was based on temperament and ability rather than flow, and that they were on the microblog hot search list; the promotion of performance programs such as I am an actor made the professional level of actors the focus of the topic. Some traffic actors have also begun to consciously transform. So, can traffic stars have acting skills at the same time? Should acting schools be given more attention and opportunities? According to the statistics of 10 performers of Flow School and Performing School in the past three years, the number and Douban score of the series have been broadcasted, and the evolution of the flow and acting skills of the performers in the past three years has been examined.

Quantity of works

Zhu Yilongs Drama is the most in the Flow School

According to the data, in the past three years, the number of performers of the Flow School has been broadcasted, which is less than that of the Performing School performers on the whole. Specifically, Zhu Yilong has the largest number of operas, a total of six. Last year, he became a traffic star with the popularity of Town Soul. He played Qi Heng, the second male grandfather in the ancient costume drama Whether you know it should be green, fat and thin. Director Zhang Kai-zou described Zhu Yilong as a rare good actor. He is a very good actor in personality, business and personality. Ability is also very strong, very dedicated.

In addition, in three years, there were five dramas broadcast by Dili Reba and Yang Zi in the Flow School, with uneven public praise. Only two plays were broadcast in three years, and the acting skills were questioned by the audience. Except for Huang Zitaos new work The Most Shining Star in the Night Sky Douban Point Score 6.5, all other flow star works have Douban Point Score below 5.

Wang Jinsong and Ni Dahong of the acting school can be regarded as model workers. In three years, 13 and 10 plays were aired respectively, and they increasingly play an important role in promoting the plot of the story, rather than just supporting roles. In addition, Wanxi, Liu Mintao, Guo Jingfei, Lei Jiayin and other acting schools also have more than five plays broadcast. From the crazy pursuit of traffic in the whole film and television market to the quantity and quality of works, the advantages of acting genre far exceed that of traffic genre, which is a very good signal in the market and proves that the level of business is the hard currency of an actor.

Dialectical relationship

Flow and acting have a unified trend

A blockbuster drama with both quality and topic can make many acting technicians loved by audiences, trigger discussion on the Internet, and be widely disseminated by netizens into a variety of open-minded expression packages. The Peoples Name broadcast in 2017 made actors such as Wu Gang, Secretary of Dakang, and Zhang Zhijian, who played Gao Yuliang, once become the traffic actors of acting technicians. The City drama My First Half Life has made Lei Jiayin, the actor of Chen Junsheng, a dross man, popular; the newly-concluded City drama All is OK has also made Ni Daqiang, the actor of Want to Drink Grinded Coffee, and Guo Jingfei, the actor of Su Mingcheng, attract a large number of fans and become a new flow star.

It can be seen that flow and acting are not always opposed, on the contrary, there is a growing trend of unification. With excellent professional level, acting schools give charm to their roles, which are liked by the audience, so that they can also have flow. In addition, as long as there are good works and roles that can be remembered by the audience, actors will have a chance to become popular. For example, the criminal detective drama White Night Pursuit lets Pan Yueming re-enter the audiences horizon in 2017, and the ancient costume drama Yanxi Strategy in 2018 makes Qin Lan and Nie Yuan become popular.

On the contrary, the flow faction also has a trend of transformation in the past three years. For example, Zheng Shuang cooperated with director Zhao Baogang in the TV play Youth Fighting, and the acting skills were questioned by the audience. At the release meeting of the play on March 17, Zhao Baogang stood up for Zheng Shuang and praised her acting skills as burst, very good! Who disagrees, who argues with me! In addition, Li Yifeng, who jumped from Ancient Sword Qitan to Flow Xiaosheng, has been trying to prove his acting skills by participating in movies in recent years. He has successively starred in three movies, namely The Founding of the Army, Psychological Crime and Animal World. Jing Bairan also starred in the newly released A Cloud in the Wind Made of Rain, a film that requires acting skills.

The conscious transformation of flow actors and the change of market direction may change the quality of future film and television works.

Source: Li Si_NBJ11322, responsible editor of Beijing News