Thai version of Sugiyama Comes startup heroine face collapse questioned by netizens

 Thai version of Sugiyama Comes startup heroine face collapse questioned by netizens

Zhang Han and Zhao Liyings Sugiyama Comes

The Thai version of Sugiyama Comes opens with the male protagonist Push (left) and the female protagonist Aom (right). (Fig/Reflection from Kenh 14)

When Aom (left) filmed the Thai version of Kiss of Mischief, it was fresh and lovely.

Netease Entertainment reported on April 10, according to Taiwanese media reports, popular drama Sequoia Comes starred by Zhang Han and Zhao Liying in 2014, adapted from Gu Mans love novel Sequoia Comes to Eat. The heroes and heroines develop love like sparrows turning into phoenix, which is a classic in the hearts of many audiences. The play announced a remake of the Thai version and officially opened on the 9th, but the Thai actress Aom, who plays the leading role, also aroused discussion.

Sugiyama Comes describes a new job owner with a special blood group who donated blood to the younger sister of the president of the group and recently developed a love affair with the president. With the theme of romance, high sweetness and inspiration, the hero and heroine eat lunch together at noon, which becomes a classic bridge segment.

The Thai version of the hero is performed by Push, a 185-centimeter-tall male star, who is also very popular in mainland China and has the title of Pear Vortex Goddess. The heroine is Aom (Chinese name: Li Haina), a 31-year-old actress who has performed the famous Thai version of Romantic House and Kiss of Mischief.

At the opening ceremony on the 9th, Aom attended with a beautiful pill head, but the photo turned a fan over and said frankly, Whats wrong with her eyes? Is there anything stuffed in your face? Facial collapse, looks so old. It seems that she is far from the sweet image of the past and is not suitable for such a fresh role as Sugiyama Comes. However, some people say that the show has just opened, so it is not necessary to sing too early. (ETToday/article)

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