Game of Power Behind ATP Presidents Downfall: Why was Deyo crowded out by the Big Three this time?

 Game of Power Behind ATP Presidents Downfall: Why was Deyo crowded out by the Big Three this time?

But clearly did not make any mistakes, but also led the mens net across the bottleneck period of Comode in the end why was suddenly driven away? Behind this seemingly calm and official retirement announcement is a game of power within the ATP.

Comod announced that he would not be re-elected

Meetings of giants

After the first round of the mens singles in Indian Wellesley, Federer told the media at a press conference that he and his friend Nadal had a long talk at home about the future of mens tennis. Federer even publicly said he needed to reconsider whether he needed to return to management.

Not only Federer, including Nadal, Murray, Wallinka, Keyegos and many other tennis players are incredible about Comodes departure. After all, when Comode took over ATP in 2013, the mens tennis world was a mess. Competition is boundless to the tournament side, the long schedule of each season makes many players threaten ATP to strike without further reform; sponsors, the former Nike executive Herfint only brought the Corona beer sponsorship for ATP, compared with the blooming womens tennis, the mens tennis is like a pool of muddy water.

Federer revealed that he and Nadal had a long talk about the future of tennis.

At that time, the chairman of the playersCommittee was Federer, but it was Vice-Chairman Nadal who led the players against Herfint. Nadal was supported by most of the players, including Murray, Djokovic and Roddick. Almost every player would shoot at the ATP at the post-match press conference. The long season made them feel that they were just a tool to make money for ATP, and this was the case. The institutions that were supposed to protect them had no humanitarian spirit at all. During the Australian Open in 2012, the players held a big meeting in Melbourne and reached an agreement: the long season against ATP, the demand for more rest time and bonuses. The huge opposition directly led to the departure of Herfint, so after he announced that he left a chicken feather behind, Dravett took over the ATP. Dravett, who had a career as a professional player, tried to put the ATP on the right track, but in less than a year Dravett resigned because of illness and died four months later.

Its hard to find a suitable CEO to take over. Everyone knows how difficult it is for the person sitting in this position to please players, sponsors and tournaments at the same time. ATP has to offer better conditions to attract talent. Finally, it was former ATP year-end finals director Komod who came to the front of the stage. During Komods five years in office, not only did he bring the complaint-ridden ATP back to the right path, but Komod took the lead in putting forward the next generation plan to deal with the embarrassment of Fernanders possible retirement at any time while the tennis world was going through a long period of four giants. ATP pushed for the Next Generation Tour, which was won by Korean player Zheng Pang in 2017. Then he broke into the top four in the Australian Open in 2018. The same drama happened to the 2018 champion Sisypas. This year, the young Sisypas of Australian Open beat Federer to reap the highest traffic of the whole tournament. Comods total bonus doubled in Comods five years in charge of ATP, and even his pension increased by 250%. Emirates Airlines signed by Comod became the chief sponsor of ATP, and the contradiction between players and players seemed to be melting.

Roddick had a long ATP season after the Shanghai Masters.

Because of Komods excellent work, when it came to the news that the playersUnion might oppose his re-election, Federer said that under Komods leadership, the players had been doing well in the past five or six years, and that careful consideration was needed as to whether he needed to resign.

What made Comod leave the ATP?

European VS North America

Bonus, of course.

Although the bonus for mens tennis has doubled since Comod took over the ATP, low-ranking players are clearly not satisfied with their current income levels. Compared with the NBA, which distributes 50% of the leagues revenue to players, ATP players feel that they only get 20% to 25% of the tournaments score, and even fewer Grand Slams. According to Independent Newman, Wen Tennis players only earn 7% or 8% of the tournaments revenue in 2018.

But this time, Deyo was on the side of the low-ranking players. Its almost a joke that Deyo is dissatisfied with his income. As the number one mans tennis player in the world, Deyo has won about $129 million in prizes through competitions, while its annual endorsement has reached $28 million. In order to improve living and training conditions, Serbs live perennially in the rich areas of Monte Carlo and Monaco in Europe. Deyo believes that ATP should be more inclined to players. In early 2018, Deyo proposed to increase the bonuses of low-ranking players. Obviously, this statement is not in line with Comodes ideas and those who support Comode. In an interview, Spanish player Fei Lopez said that mens tennis has entered the best era in the past. If these resentful players had gone through the past, they would be grateful for everything now. Komod himself believes that low-ranking players who want to win more bonuses should improve their ranking through their own efforts and make higher rounds in the tournament, rather than simply expecting ATP to become a charity that provides protection for those who do not make progress.

Comod and Federer

But even so, according to the Guardian, after Comod became chairman of the ATP, the first round of Grand Slam bonus has increased by 66%, saying Comod has ignored the interests of low-ranking players, rather than low-ranking players more greedy. But in 2018, Deyo said that the prizes of low-ranking players could not support them to participate in tournaments around the world. The income problem directly led to the idea of many low-ranking players to withdraw from the tennis world. At this point, North American players who are deeply influenced by the NBA PlayersUnion Culture and European players who think they are doing well are divided into two distinct groups. According to legend, Komods opponents and supporters each had five members. North American players occupied three seats in the opposition camp: Pospihir from Canada, Isner and Qurei from the United States, and the remaining two votes came from President Djokovic and South Korean player Lu Yanxun.

Komods supporters are almost all elite players from Europe, except for Federer mentioned earlier, who is also a core member of the Swiss player Wallinka. Wallinka admitted that the players had a meeting before the Australian Open. At this meeting, Murray, who came with the determination of perhaps retire, stood up and said that no one knew that the playersunion was right. No player was asked any questions about Comuds resignation. As for the decision of the playersunion to change the manager, Wallinka fiercely retorted: I strongly disagree, and I know that most players, including most of the top players, will not agree. At the playersmeeting, people voted for the work done by ATP to the highest level in history. So, whats the problem? Wallinka said he had talked to many players about ATPs status quo. Everyone knows that supporting Comode is the right way, and only a small number of people are looking for radical change.

Wallinka is a key member of the Camp for Comod

Nadal was also unaware that the playersunion was voting against Comud. When asked about his views on the matter, the Spaniard said he was totally unaware and the players Union had never asked him for advice. Nadal felt that Comud had not done anything negative enough to cause him to leave the chair, and now the mens network is even more concerned. What is needed is stability, not change. Federer said he had heard some rumors, but he was shocked by Nadals ignorance. As an insider and former player union president, Federer was not questioned. When he made it clear that he wanted to talk to the president of the playersunion, Deyo, he did not get the opportunity. Federer said that he had made an appointment with Deyo during the Australian Open, but Deyo did not respond to him until Comuds resignation became a foregone conclusion and he could not talk to Deyo himself. This is quite different from what happened a few years ago when the players united to let Herfint out of class. The playersunion represents the players, but its a little weird that so many top players dont know about it. It seems that Komods departure is just a decision within the players union.

Deyo did not disclose his vote because of the confidentiality agreement of the playersunion, but he said that the mens tennis world had reached a period of need to change, and that Deyos support for the North American camp was self-evident. At the same time, Deyo was furious about who leaked the secret of voting within the playersunion. In his opinion, things had not yet reached the stage, and overnight, the players Union became the target of public criticism.

But the struggle between North American and European players is just as simple as bonuses?

Leaked mail

Private emails from Swiss player Wallinka, who once stepped into the Big Five camp, were leaked in front of the Australian Open. The contents of the email revealed that the player unions Persian Pearsil called on low-ranking players to unite against Comodes management. Persian Pearsil sent an email to the worlds top 50-100 players, in which he wrote: The Internet The system of the ball has completely collapsed, and it has been like this since the Open era. ATP represents the interests of the game, we want to get every right to fight, because we are not united, it is time to change this situation. We need a new president who puts the interests of players first.

Canadian player Pospihill calls on low-ranking players to unite

Wallinka quickly sent an e-mail to Persian Pischer, in which the Swiss wrote: I dont want to waste time writing this on the eve of the Grand Slam, but recently Ive seen some crazy things on the Internet about what you want Komod to leave. Looking back on the past, you have to admit that the past five years have been good, and we have been moving in the right direction, you can not guarantee that a new person will be better.

But North American players are not on a whim to incite the drive-out of Comod, and what Wallinka calls a new person may already be in their minds. In this regard, Isner, a union member who voted against Comode, may be the biggest beneficiary because his former coach, ATP board member Gimmelstob, is seeking the position of president of ATP. The idea of the former professional player, coach and commentator of American origin perfectly meets the demands of North American players. In 2018, Gimmerstob expressed in an interview with CNN that ATPs role is to coordinate the relationship between players and matches and that he would examine the matches more from the perspective of players. Obviously, the North American players are looking for the ball. Gimmerstob is the president who puts the interests of employees first.

The biggest controversy over Gimmerstob, compared with the clean Comod, occurred off the court when he was arrested in Los Angeles for beating up his friend, who claimed that Gimmerstob had beaten himself at least 50 times. ATP was still considering whether to dismiss him from the board of directors and decided to leave him on the same board as the playersunion. After Gimmerstob was acquitted, Deyo defended him at the press conference: For us, his innocence is a completely different situation. He is a person who has been fighting for the rights of players. I and the players workers (who can stay on the board of directors) The rest of the members of the club are as gratified as they are.

Gimelstob coached Isner

European players who are unwilling to change the status quo are supporting Comud. Why did Deyo, also a European player, not unite with European players this time? As far as playersvoice is concerned, Deyos ideas are closer to those of North American players who want to change. The Guardian discloses that he has repeatedly expressed his desire to establish a player-led organization independent of ATP to protect players rights. When Comode learned about this, he said to Deyo, If you think you can do better than I can, you can try! Compared with the extraordinary achievements on the field, Deyos political ambitions are no less impressive. In addition to the independent players, Deyo also proposed to move the ATP year-end finals out of London, which is well known as one of Komods most proud works.

Deyo and Comod

But the realization of Deyos vision and Gimelstobs ascendancy are not easy. In addition to the playersunion, representatives from the players will also participate in the voting of the new president, and the demands of the players almost run counter to those of the players. A month after Comod announced that he would not be re-elected, new candidates came on stage, but Gimmerstob seemed to fade away from the public. Deyo told reporters that it was unrealistic to support a new president who considered the issue entirely from a players point of view, and nominated Craig Terry, the Australian Opens competition director: As far as I know, hes also working on it. Ask for the position of president of ATP. Wallinka, who unintentionally leaked the internal secrets, refused to make any further comments. He said he had caused a lot of trouble because of his previous remarks. As to what the trouble was, Wallinka did not elaborate further.

But whether its to fight for more voice for yourself or players, or to suddenly leak emails, this series of dog blood between you and me has evolved into the political struggle within ATP. With Comodes departure, the mens network will undoubtedly change, but whether its better or worse, it still has to wait for time to give the answer.

Source of this article: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Cao Liemen_NS1806