Guo Allen: Then lets relax and play the game and go all out.

 Guo Allen: Then lets relax and play the game and go all out.

Post-match Voice Guo Shiqiang

Both sides have dedicated wonderful matches to the national fans. This is a defensive game. Looking at the score, we can see that there are no more than 100 matches. Both sides are very good in rebound competition. Its a pity that we lost the game. We didnt do well in some places, so we lost the game. There was a lot of preparation for the difficulties before the game, including a backward start. There is another day to adjust the time and try to play the second game well. Hudson didnt play in the last quarter, but also to consider our defense and rebounds in the interior. Lao Ha did his best in this game, but his shooting percentage was a little lower. The shooting percentage of free throws is really a little low. In fact, free throws are practicing every day. This has both technical and psychological problems. It still needs to be adjusted by the players themselves.

Post-match Voice Guo Allen

This game shouldnt be lost, Xinjiangs defense is very targeted. The whole team is doing well and has been working hard, but the other sides defense is very targeted, clipping our key players, we need to adapt to this defense in the next game.

Next, let it be, relax and play. The other thing I never wanted was to play by feeling, go all out after playing and follow the feeling.

Source: Author of Shenyang Daily: responsible editor of Li Qingshi: Ma Bile_NS4800