Migrant workers occupied Zhu Yuanzhangs daughters tomb and some people threatened the city management to refuse to move with knives.

 Migrant workers occupied Zhu Yuanzhangs daughters tomb and some people threatened the city management to refuse to move with knives.

A 600-year-old tomb in Nanjing houses twenty or thirty migrant workers. The dark and humid tomb was used as a warehouse and shelter by these people and became a temporary shelter. After the media reports, the city management and community departments came to the cemetery to inspect and persuade the migrant workers who stayed at night. At present, a discussion on the survival status of migrant workers is under way.

Before being cleaned up, the grave was full of debris. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

Zhu Lu Lu first appeared in the news because he appeared in an ancient tomb in Nanjing with a history of more than 600 years. The owner of the tomb is also named Zhu. To be exact, she is the eighth daughter of Zhu Yuanzhang, the ancestor of the Ming Dynasty, named Princess Fuqing.

For more than half a year, Zhu Lu slept under the pavilion in the cemetery almost every night. After dawn, roll up the bedding and carry it into the grave. Then go to the nearby subway station square and wait for work.

There are at most twenty or thirty migrant workers living like him. The dark and humid tomb was used as a warehouse and shelter by these people and became a temporary shelter.

The back room of Princess Fuqings tomb is equivalent to a room 20 square meters in size. In the center lies a 2.87-meter-long, 1.6-meter-wide sarcophagus bed, on which a set of worn-out bedding is laid. In the niches on the east, West and South sides, various debris piled up into hills. Under a mass of clothes on the West side, there was also a bag of salt, a small bag of detergent and a bottle of aged vinegar lying horizontally.

Because of the heavy humidity, Zhu Lulu never slept in his grave. Usually only a silent Inner Mongolian boy sleeps in his grave. Local reporters interviewed that day, there was no one else in the tomb. Zhu Lu Lu, who came in to put things, was captured by the camera. He looked ashamed: We havent found a job... You have money, but if you stay in a hotel every day, you cant afford it.

In Jin Yongs novel The Sculptor and Chivalrous Man, the Tomb School is named for its seclusion in the ancient tomb. The real-life version of the Tomb School has recently lost its purity. Around them, a discussion on the survival status of migrant workers is under way. Some people mentioned the quality of migrant workers, some people think that cultural relics protection should be strengthened, and some netizens asked, What is the weight of dead and living people?

Realistic version of Tomb School

Zhu Lulu, a 30-year-old man with epilepsy and jail for fighting, has never had a stable job. In their early years, their parents left their hometown of Anhui and stayed in Shanghai for a long time to work. My sister has also settled down in Changzhou. But Zhu Lulu seldom contacts his family, even without his sisters telephone.

He explained to others that he was abandoned by his family and had to live a life in front of him. If my parents cared about me, they would have come to me early. See I have no hope, just want to throw me away.

Throughout March, Zhulu Road earned 1610 yuan. Among them, 800 yuan was earned by moving steel pipe for four days; 270 yuan was earned by 9 hours a day for two days for passing dishes; 420 yuan was earned by laying lawn for two days, and 20 yuan was given by the owner considering that he had not managed meals; and the last time was on March 24, when he moved medical equipment for two hours, his income was 100 yuan. For the rest of the time, he basically swayed back and forth between the cemetery, the street and the subway station square.

After the tomb of the princess of Fuqing was cleared, the staff toured it at night. Respondents Map

Usually every month, Zhu Lulu will have an extra income of 300 yuan, which is his parents call him to buy antiepileptic drugs. But until the end of March, Zhu Lulu did not receive the money. When asked, he grumbled, Thats it... Two days ago, my mother said on the phone, Let me die.

An elder man listened to the education and said, You are so old. What time do you want your parents to take care of you? Its good to leave you alone. Zhu Lu was silent. After a moment, he opened his mouth to another man: My relationship with my family is like driving a train. Its not a line. It cant run together.

In the Spring Festival of 2019, Zhu Lu passed in Nanjing. He bought some cooked food and placed several dishes beside the tomb. He was accompanied by a 74-year-old Jiangxi native who claimed to be practicing Taoism.

The name of Jiangxi is Wang Fengan, who also lives in the corridor under the pavilion. The difference is that he earns his living by picking up scraps, and occasionally good-hearted people bring clothes and food. The 361 degree sneakers of 40 yards on his feet were purchased and delivered by a tourist who asked him the yardage.

Sons call and care, Wang Fengan seldom answered, You care about you, I care about me. Wang Fengan even wants to cut off this kind of communication this year. I dont talk to you, dont want your money, see if it will succeed.

In addition to the special family and strange experience of people, there are also ordinary migrant workers. Chen Guanghus home in Maanshan, Anhui Province, is only a few dozen kilometers away from Nanjing and is close to riding an electric bicycle can go back. Every year when he had finished harvesting rice and had no work in his hometown, he came to Nanjing to work as a part-time laborer, earning 34,000 yuan a month.

In order to save money, Chen Guanghus accommodation problem is often solved in the cemetery. Sometimes, he would run to the Drum Tower Hospital not far away and sleep on the corridor like the family members of the patients. Besides, KFC is also a good place to go. The only thing to note is that you must wake up at more than five oclock in the morning, or you will be driven away by security guards.

Over the years, Chen Guanghu never told his wife and children about his sleeping outdoors. How can they know that?

When he had no work to do, he strolled alone in the street, walking more than 80,000 steps a day at most, and the Wechat movement often occupied the cover. Every time he passes through a city full of lights, Chen Guanghu just walks and watches, and does not try to blend in through any consumption other than eating. Obviously, Im not a little far from here.

Poor enough to fear ghosts

On April 2nd, Zhu Lu stood on the subway station square and counted it. He realized that his last job was eight days ago. There are only a few hundred bank caries left. What is the exact number? He did not disclose it. He only said that he had been short of money for more than half a year.

Zhu Lulu also thought about change. In mid-March, when he heard that an electronics factory was recruiting people and could earn more than 4,000 yuan a month for overtime, he planned to do a long-term job.

It turned out that within three days, he was clamoring to leave. Every day through the gate, nothing with it is ringing, ringing will be over again, I am anxious to do it. In fact, in addition to the regulations, there is another reason why he came into the factory and found that his income did not seem to be as high as he had been promised.

In this way, Zhu Lu returned to the street. Without a regular job, he has to consider saving money to reduce the cost of living as much as possible. The problem of food and shelter ranks first. But compared with eating, accommodation is a better solution for him, and he will be able to get by in a short time.

Near Andemen subway station, less than a kilometer from the tomb of Princess Fuqing, there are some cheap hotels hidden. They have no sign installed, and can only vaguely recognize the word accommodation painted with white paint from the brick wall.

In a cheap hotel, more than a dozen square meters of rooms were filled with five iron-framed beds, two of which had 20 beds altogether. The upper berth costs 12 yuan and the lower berth costs 3 yuan. Even if all the beds are full, the daily revenue is only 270 yuan.

High and low beds in cheap hotels. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

The quilts on the beds vary in color. They are all open on the beds. It seems that they havent been washed for some time. The roof can also find signs of leaking water in rainy days. There is no need to comply with the smoking ban, no need to register identity cards, all depends on the mood of the boss.

In order to save money, some migrant workers are reluctant to stay in such hotels. A dozen yuan is a better choice for them to buy food and drink.

By summer, the cost of sleeping out began to rise. Before going to bed, Zhu Lu will order a plate of mosquito-repellent incense at his head and feet. If he wakes up at night, he will have to continue with two new plates of mosquito-repellent incense. Buy a box of mosquito-repellent incense and you can use it in two or three days. Besides mosquitoes, cockroaches and centipedes meet him from time to time. At night, when he was insomniac, he got up and smoked a pint of plum cigarettes for three dollars and fifty cents a bag. Its so smoky that I cant sleep before I smoke.

In contrast, winter winds and low temperatures are more difficult for migrant workers. Wang Fengan is very old, especially afraid of cold. He told reporters somewhat proudly that he had seven quilts in reserve. When it snows, lay three layers under you and four layers above you. You can wear two army coats when you go out. These materials, Wang Fengan has not been able to remember which came from the city management, which came from the community, he unified attributed to the state to give. With this, he can live a lot more comfortably.

Regardless of the bad weather, the environment under the pavilion is not too bad. The biggest advantage is that it is open and ventilated. Because the tomb of Princess Fuqing is underground, the sun can not be seen all the year round, the air is much worse, and there are some molds in the tomb room.

Inner Mongolian guys dont seem to care about that. Some netizens expressed sympathy and joked that he was too poor to be afraid of ghosts. He asked disdainfully, What can we do? Nothing.

From the point of view of dress, the Inner Mongolian young man is indeed somewhat shabby: the right side of his coat has been cracked, dots of cotton floss have been exposed, and the shoes on his feet have broken several holes.

Zhu Lulu observed that when he was not alive, the Inner Mongolian boy stayed in his grave during the day, came out to buy food at the meal point, went back after eating, and continued to play with his mobile phone in the sarcophagus bed. He came to a conclusion: This person is also lazy, when there is no money to work out, money will not work.

The reality behind the word ye is that most migrant workers spend more time working than others.

No boss today

An important reason why migrant workers choose to live next to the tomb of Princess Fuqing is that it is not far from Andermen subway station. There used to be a labor market near the Metro station. At the end of 2017, it moved to more than a dozen kilometers away. A lot of people are used to it and dont want to run any farther.

People who wait for jobs do not remember clearly when the sharp decline in demand for employment began. In their view, the former situation is that teachers are in a hurry, but now it is difficult for bosses to ask for it. Chen Guanghu described, Every time a boss comes, people bombard like wasps. In order to survive, some people surround their bosses and hug them like children. Others rush into their bossescars in spite of dissuasion. Physical conflicts have never happened. Zhu Lulu felt that it was these things that frightened the bosses and made many people unwilling to come.

When there is no work, some migrant workers like to play cards for recreation. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

There are fewer technical jobs, but the demand is still there. At this time, there is a difference between good jobs and bad jobs. There are hotels to recruit temporary dishwashers, four hours to 80 yuan, the hourly salary is not low, many people say they can go, late registration. Someone came to the builder on an electric bicycle and immediately attracted a large crowd. Eventually, a big worker who had been selected got on the bus, and a small worker who had nowhere to sit could only carry his bag and run all the way behind the car.

Zhu Lulu seldom goes to the construction site where his daily salary does not exceed 150 yuan. He feels that his pay is not proportional to his return. He has his own choice criteria, but the criteria are flexible and changeable. If he has no money on him, everything is different.

Liu Zhanqiang, 71, is also waiting for a good job. He is the oldest of these migrant workers. It has been two years since he came to Nanjing from Anhui. Although he looks very tough, his age still has an impact on him. I havent found a job for a month and seven days. His cost of living has been reduced to the extreme: two steamed buns a day for only two yuan and four cents. Hot water can be picked up at KFC for no money.

Once, he almost got a good job. It was a waterworks to recruit workers, looking for people to sediment tank dredging silt, a month of 5000 yuan, no matter what to eat. Eventually, four migrant workers got the job, one of them over 60 years old. Liu Zhanqiang felt very sorry that he was standing near at that time and had missed the good opportunity by the time he arrived.

Another night without waiting for work, Liu Zhanqiang sat chatting with his colleagues on the street teeth. The worker counted the account for him: Work hard to grow an acre of land, can collect 8900 Jin of grain, a jin of grain more than a dollar, except for pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, a year is not as good as other people working for a month. Thats why they prefer to wait rather than go home for farming. Since we are waiting, we must strictly control the loss. You say, migrant workers do not sleep on the road, who sleeps on the road?

Some of them also slept under the pavilion beside the tomb of Princess Fuqing. After the media reports, the city management and community departments came to the cemetery to inspect and persuade the migrant workers who stayed at night. Someone moved the bedding to the toilet next to the subway station, where the eaves stretched out and there was just a circle of flat ground under the eaves. For people who have nowhere to sleep, its already a good place to live.

After the migrant workers moved away, the pavilion in the cemetery looked somewhat deserted. There were still traces of their stay on the pillars around them. Near the side of the tomb, someone wrote a dialogue in chalk: What do you want to do? I want to be president. The seven words on the opposite pole seem more realistic: there is no boss today.

It says on the pillar, Theres no boss again today. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

Guerrilla warfare

On the afternoon of March 28, a group of city management team members and several community cadres appeared in the corridor. See next to the high-voltage tower hanging towels, underwear, some clothes on the railings, the leader ordered that all be removed. Soon they were concentrated next to the trash can.

As a key clearing area, the tomb of Princess Fuqing was equivalent to a general cleaning. All the debris in the tomb was cleared and piled up against the wall at the entrance of the tomb. The interior of the tomb was carefully cleaned. As a tourist attraction, the princesss tomb has been restored to tidiness.

Migrant workers clearly feel that the intensity of this action is much greater than before.

Several migrant workers who got the news quickly moved. Fortunately, some people hid their bedclothes in the bushes, while others moved their luggage to the back of the pavilion. In the process, they had to endure the odor. On weekdays, some migrant workers are accustomed to urinating in concealed places rather than going to toilets dozens of meters away. Now, in turn, smells smoke them.

Deng Yao, a citizen who comes to morning exercises every day, notices this change. He finds that there are fewer migrant workers under the pavilion.

When it comes to the peasant workers in the cemetery, Chen Deping, the head of the street and city management department in charge of this area, has a headache. He told reporters that some people had made a fire under the pavilion to cook before. When the city management department was dealing with it, someone took out a knife and threatened our team members. Its more common to be scolded.

Tan Ning, Secretary of Deng Fushan Community Party Branch, has heard about similar things. A migrant worker with a knife blocked the entrance of a nearby community for two days. The reason is, You advise him to go, he thinks you moved his nest. Tanning was worried about her own security problems. She knew that there was a certain danger in persuading her to leave work. The community specifically stipulates that female comrades must be accompanied when they go on patrols.

Tanning said that the phenomenon of encroachment on public space in cemeteries had existed before. Under the cemetery, there is a sign which calls migrant workers brothers of migrant workers and advises them to consciously abide by the laws and regulations for the protection of cultural relics and no longer use the cemetery as a place for accommodation and living, and the payment is due in May 2016.

In 2016, the community has issued a circular to persuade migrant workers to protect cultural relics. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

Looking back now, the situation has not improved in the past three years. The heads of several departments mentioned the phrase guerrilla fighting coincidentally, You come to him, you go and he comes again.

When it snowed heavily in winter, the community and civil affairs departments had sent overcoats and quilts to the peasant workers in the cemetery, and contacted some cheap hotels to invite them to stay free of charge, but some of them had always resisted. Take them to the rescue station and get off the bus and run away. Tanning believes that many migrant workers do not care about the quality of life, they like the freedom in the street. When you want to work, you dont want to work.

Tanning told reporters that the Yuhuatai District Labor Bureau is working out a plan to publish a batch of special recruitment information every Thursday and Friday; the streets make recruitment information into brochures, write clear bus lines, and distribute it when they see migrant workers. They hope to solve the problem through the key point of employment.

Cultural security dilemma

The contradiction of space resources is due to the complexity of cultural relics. As far as the Tomb of Princess Fuqing is concerned, preserving peoples livelihood or preserving cultural relics is not a single topic, but it is not easy to solve in the face of reality.

Some migrant workers have limited understanding of cultural relics protection. Take Zhu Lu Lu for example, although he knew that the tomb was old, he thought that it was decorations, mainly for tourists to see. Later, he said that the tomb was false. I dare not put the real tomb here, it will be stolen here.

Zhu Lulu is based on the fact that the tomb of Princess Fuqing was not in this cemetery from the very beginning. In his understanding, the ancient tombs moved from other places are not very good cultural relics.

In fact, the tombs did migrate from other places. In 1998, Nanjing Municipal Cultural Relics Department carried out an archaeological excavation of the tomb of Princess Fuqing. As a result of repeated theft and disturbance in the early years, the cultural relics unearthed in the tomb are quite limited, but the tomb itself has high research value. At that time, it was recognized as the only Tomb of a princess in Ming Dynasty that was found and preserved in China, with complete preservation, complex structure and magnificent specifications. In other words, the whole tomb is equivalent to a large cultural relic.

In 2000, experts and Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics decided that the tomb of Princess Fuqing was reconstructed and moved to Dengfushan Stone Carving Art Park in Yuhuatai District.

Tai Jiansheng, director of Yuhuatai Cultural Preservation Institute, recalled that only a few cultural relics such as gold buttons were found when the tomb of Princess Fuqing was unearthed, but the tomb bricks were inscribed with the words, Like the Mingcheng Wall, they were all made by the Ministry of Engineering, and they were also cultural relics themselves. The original choice of relocation and reconstruction, included in the Stone Carving Garden of Dengfushan, is for public welfare display. Open to the common people and provide a place for leisure, play and ancient exploration.

After the reconstruction, the standard of the tomb of Princess Fuqing was also upgraded. In 2006, it was upgraded from a regional cultural relics protection unit to a cultural relics protection unit in Nanjing.

The Tomb of the Princess of Fuqing was published as a cultural protection unit in Nanjing in 2006. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

Tai Jiansheng told reporters that during the twice-yearly inspection, the Cultural Preservation Institute did not find any obvious man-made damage to the cultural relics in the cemetery, only natural loss such as weathering and peeling. The protection of cultural relics collides with the problem of migrant workers, which he believes is the result of the lack of management.

Dispersion is always better than blockage. Migrant workers themselves belong to the disadvantaged groups and can not take coercive measures. He also expressly opposed the suggestion of setting up railings beside ancient tombs, because ancient tombs are the main body of cultural relics and can not be perforated on them. It can only be changed by management.

A new round of media coverage has put considerable pressure on the relevant departments of the Cultural Security Bureau. They have planned new solutions. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, a working group composed of public security, urban management and streets is being implemented to persuade people 24 hours. After that, there will be additional guard pavilions, which will introduce property to the whole park and carry out comprehensive and long-term management.

After being persuaded to leave, Zhu Lu (right) removed his luggage from the cemetery. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

Andermen are all talented people

The persuaded migrant workers returned to the square beside the Andermen subway station. Zhu Lulu had already transferred the pavement to the past, Wang Fengan would be a few days later. After the city administrator left at night, he sneaked into the pavilion of the ancient tomb and slept for four nights. It was not until the fifth day that the bedtime game like hide-and-seek was abandoned.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere in the square became calm. Someone sat on a pony and read a book called The Experience of a Hunting Sculpture. Someone held a bottle of liquor for 30 yuan, opened and drank, tightened the lid. Others leaned against the sunshine in front of a phonograph screen, and the sound of the TV play Bright Sword came from the loudspeaker.

The singing machine was purchased by the farmer who spent 300 yuan more than a dozen days ago. Now I have no money to eat, I want to sell it for 200 yuan. Someone offered 70 yuan, but he didnt want to sell it.

When people get together, things flow in different ways. A fat woman didnt know where to get some live fish and asked if she wanted to meet someone in the square. A migrant worker bought one and regretted it a few minutes later. He asked her, How long can you live with this fish? The answer was, You ask the fish to go. An old lady brought a pile of clothes. Zhu Lulu looked at them and bought a yellow impulse clothes for five yuan. The clothes were printed with the words XX take-out. A restaurant did not sell out its lunch at noon. In the afternoon, it filled the bellies of several migrant workers at a price of five yuan a box.

When night fell, a woman passed through the square. Zhu Lu turned his head and whispered, Thats what she did.

Zhu Lulu said that a middle-aged man once found him and took out 300 yuan to ask him to play in a nearby park. After that, I found out that the other side wanted to help him solve his physiological problems. I kicked him down the steps.

Zhu Lulu did not exchange his body for money. His way was to donate platelets. Two times a month, you can get 100 yuan in cash, two fruit and vegetable cards and some food. The last time he went, he suddenly had epilepsy and was told Dont come back later when he was awake.

A considerable portion of the money earned in various ways has been replaced by wine. For most migrant workers, even if they no longer have money, alcohol is indispensable.

Zhang Ping is one of the famous drunkards in the square. When he had no work, he drank half a kilo of liquor every noon. At 3:00 p.m. on March 30, Zhang Ping was lying on the parking space beside the road, spitting out dirt several meters away.

After waking up the next day, Zhang Ping was reluctant to mention drunkenness again. He waved his hand and said it was a shame. He regretted that he had drunk a kilo yesterday. If you cant drink more liquor, youll be a fool if you drink more liquor. Many times he saw people break glass bottles on the ground without any reason after drinking. Cleaners have become accustomed to waiting for people to disperse and then clean in the past, will not make a complaint. Theres no reason to talk about blind flow.

In peacetime, Zhang Ping is the kind of person respected in the circle of migrant workers. He likes calligraphy and writes a sign for himself every morning. In Kaifeng, he used to add the word Tokyo Bianliang before the word bricklaying. His mobile phone number was also designed to be fancy. When one is out, Zhang Ping knows how to make life more fun. But there is one thing that has always been his heart disease, that is, home. I cant talk about home. My tragedy is too great. Zhang Ping hasnt returned home for 14 years. When he was working, he met a fellow countryman. He just asked about the house. As long as the house doesnt collapse. Recently, he also wrote a poem, Stars in the sky leave the house, two wheels drive my ears whistle. Ander Street is the end point. I hope to hire your company. Its title is Yin Zao.

Zhang Pings brush writing on napkin paper. New Beijing News reporter Zu Yifei

Unwilling to buy paper, Zhang Ping went around collecting things that could be written. Kendl Jiri, who had not used napkins, trash advertising boards beside trash cans, cigarette boxes and express paper bags picked up by him, were all written in brush. A worker needs to write a job description. His fee is 10 yuan.

In addition to calligraphers like Zhang Ping, there are scientists and speakers on the square.

Lu Jian, an Anhui native, claimed to have been imprisoned for six years for fighting and doing illegal business. In prison, he read whenever he was free, from medicine to philosophy to science. After he was released from prison, he wanted to turn some of the ideas that had settled down into reality. From the 3,000 kilometers per hour double-decker super high-speed railway to the multi-compartment super elevator, to the realization of six hours of national direct super logistics within 20 years, are among the plans of Lujian.

Lu Jian said that he wanted to realize his dream by participating in Jiangsu Satellite TVs Dreams come true. But only recently did he know that the program had been suspended shortly after its launch in 2012.

Next to the toilet, the limelight is gathering on a young man. From Columbus to European religion, from World War II to the Vietnam War, he was generous and passionate, spitting like a machine gun in his mouth.

On the other side, Zhu Lulu laughed. He had heard a sentence very early, that is, the peasant workers in Andermen are all talented people. Another sentence is There are eight ghosts in ten people in Andermen. Zhu Lulu admitted that he was one of them.

After listening to the speech for a while, Zhu Lulu picked up his mobile phone and connected it to the free Wi-Fi in the public toilet. Before going to bed, he wants to see some 86 editions of Journey to the West. In the download list, there are also TV series Flying Tigers and Zhao Benshan Sketches Daquan.

Someone left a sentence Go home before leaving. Zhu Lulu smiled and said to the man, What home do you want to go back to? Anderman is not your home.

(Wang Fengan, Chen Guanghu, Liu Zhanqiang, Deng Yao and Lu Jian are aliased names.)

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Zu Yifei, Editor-in-Charge: Li Tianyi_NN7528