Liaonings former deputy governor was sentenced for one and a half years after his horses fall and was once authorized to engage in power and sex trading.

 Liaonings former deputy governor was sentenced for one and a half years after his horses fall and was once authorized to engage in power and sex trading.

Another tiger case has been adjudicated!

Today (April 9), the Third Intermediate Peoples Court of Beijing publicly sentenced Liu Qiang, former vice governor of Liaoning Provincial Peoples Government, to accept bribes and disrupt elections. Liu Qiang, the defendant, was sentenced to eleven yearsimprisonment for bribery and a fine of 1.2 million yuan. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment for disrupting elections and decided to carry out twelve yearsimprisonment with a fine of 112 yuan. One hundred thousand yuan. The property and fruits obtained from Liu Qiangs bribery shall be recovered, and the property used to destroy election crimes shall be confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. Liu Qiang said he obeyed the verdict and did not appeal.

What did Liu Qiang do? From 2000 to 2017, Liu Qiang took advantage of the convenience of being Secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager, Mayor of Fushun Peoples Government of Liaoning Province, Secretary of Fushun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice Governor of the Peoples Government of Liaoning Province and other positions, and the convenient conditions for the formation of functions, powers and status of the relevant units and individuals to operate and undertake projects in enterprises. Liu Qiang was elected Vice Governor of Liaoning Provincial Peoples Government from 2011 to January 2013. He took advantage of his powers and influence as Secretary of the Fushun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and undermined the canvassing and bribery election by giving others property and greeting. Normal electoral activities are characterized by serious circumstances and bad social impact.

From this point of view, Liu Qiang has been involved in the problem of violation of discipline since 2000. His position has risen all the way, but his corruption problem has existed for a long time. It is noteworthy that the official bulletin also mentions that taking the means of giving others property, greeting and other means to solicit votes and bribe elections to undermine normal electoral activities. This bribery case has affected many officials, and it is still a long-standing alarm.

Shipping warehouse internal reference noted that Liu Qiang was inspected on November 23, 2017. Before the fall of the horse, he had hardly left Liaoning Province and worked in the petrochemical field for a long time. From an ordinary operator in the ethylene workshop of Fushun Ethylene Chemical Plant, he was the general manager and Secretary of the Party Committee of Fushun Petrochemical Company of PetroChina. Since then, he has also served as secretary of the Fushun Municipal Committee and mayor. In 2013, he served as vice-governor of Liaoning Province, but he served as vice-governor for 4 years. The year of the fall of the horse.

Liu Qiangs problems have been severely criticized by the China Discipline Commission. In February 2018, the China Discipline Commission pointed out in its briefing on Liu Qiangs double opening that Liu Qiang seriously violated political discipline and political rules. In order to nominate deputy provincial leading cadres, he used his powers to organize canvassing and bribery campaigns, confront organizational review and engage in superstitious activities; violated the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, violated the rules of access to private clubs, reimbursement of personal expenses, illegal allocation and messengers. Use official vehicles; violate organizational discipline, fail to report personal matters according to regulations, sell government officials for a long time, seriously destroy the political ecology of enterprises and local areas; violate integrity discipline, accept gifts and gifts, seek benefits for relativesbusiness activities, engage in power and sex transactions; violate life discipline. The issue of soliciting votes and bribing elections is suspected of undermining electoral crimes; making use of official convenience to gain benefits for others and accepting huge amounts of property is suspected of bribery crimes.

Moreover, Liu Qiang, as a senior leading cadre of the Party, lost his ideal and belief, had no sense of purpose, his selfish desire was extremely inflated, violated the Partys discipline seriously, and was suspected of committing crimes. He did not stop, converge or stop after the Eighteenth National Congress of the Party. His nature was very bad and the plot was particularly serious.

Liu Qiang was found and sentenced, which highlights the strong anti-corruption action and the continuous construction of a clean government in Liaoning Province. Moreover, since the bribery cases shocked the whole country, great efforts have been made from the central government to the local government to enhance election fairness and combat election corruption.

As the Peoples Daily once wrote, Reflecting on the case of soliciting votes and bribery, we have drawn a profound warning: Party discipline and state law are high-pressure lines and warning lines, and no one should violate them. Every Party member, especially the leading cadres of the Party, must take the lead in abiding by the Partys discipline and laws and in creating a good political environment. We should learn the lessons of soliciting votes and bribery cases from the height of strictly governing the Party and governing the country according to law in an all-round way.