Seven agreements with the students were made between the principal and the Secretary of the Party Group of Shandong Foreign Affairs Office

 Seven agreements with the students were made between the principal and the Secretary of the Party Group of Shandong Foreign Affairs Office

Recently, according to the official website of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shandong Provincial Peoples Government, on April 3, the Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Province convened a general meeting of all government cadres and staff of their affiliated institutions. The Provincial Party Committee decided: Comrade Cai Xianjin was appointed Secretary of the Party Group of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shandong Provincial Peoples Government and nominated as Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shandong Provincial Peoples Government and President of the Shandong Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Xue Qingguo, the former director of Shandong Foreign Affairs Office, has been appointed as the Standing Committee and Vice Mayor of the New Qingdao Municipal Committee.

According to the open resume, Cai Xianjin was born in February 1965. In November 2016, Cai Xianjin was transferred from the Standing Committee and Vice-President of the Party Committee of Jinan University to the Vice-Secretary and President of the Party Committee of Liaocheng University.

Cai Xianjin, in his early years, received a doctoral degree and a doctoral degree in history from Jilin University, and worked in the post-doctoral mobile station of Classical Philology of the Institute of Literature, History and Philosophy of Shandong University. He has presided over one major tender project of the National Social Science Fund, one general project of the National Social Science Fund, more than 10 other projects of social science funds and educational reform at the provincial and ministerial levels; one result has been selected into the National Social Science Achievement Library, more than 10 monographs, translations and editions have been published, and more than 70 papers have been published, of which more than 30 papers have been included in ISTP and CSSCI, and many papers have been completed by Xinhua Digest and related publications. Text or argument reproduced.

At the opening ceremony of Liaocheng University freshmen in 2017, Cai Xianjin issued seven treaties to his classmates: tidy up the dormitory every day, understand the law of 10,000 hours, read 100 classics, exercise one hour every day, participate in a community organization, have an innovative entrepreneurial experience, and plan a meaningful trip.

Over the past two years, the schools restaurant has been renovated, and it has become particularly beautiful. The school has built new roads and the dormitory has been renovated. A student at Liaocheng University said.

In the course of the interview, the change of the school restaurant was the most frequently mentioned by the students. In the past two years, in line with the ideological and political education concept of educating people by all staff, educating people by all means and educating people by culture, Liaocheng University has successively upgraded its restaurants. At present, all the five restaurants on campus have been upgraded. The renovated restaurant design is modern and fashionable. It has been transformed into a cultural salon with the functions of healthy diet, cultural communication, education, study, conference report, community activities, leisure and entertainment.

A student from Liaocheng University Polytechnic College said: As a student of Liaocheng University, I really feel the changes of the school restaurant. With the optimization of the environment, the restaurant is no longer just a place to eat, but also a platform for spreading ideas and promoting culture. Thank you very much for the restaurant salon, which has created a warm, harmonious, equal and respectful restaurant culture and educational atmosphere for students.

On September 1, last year, Liaocheng University held a luncheon for freshmen. Cai Xianjin invited his new classmates to lunch. Cai Xianjin said, The University restaurant should be a place for elegant gatherings. Some people say that the University restaurant is an important occasion for everyone to perform, but also an important expression of ones upbringing. The University restaurant should be our smart salon. College restaurants are not only meals, but also more important to strengthen the communication between our classmates. Especially the collision of our classmatesthoughts makes the dining hall of our university a good memory of our future life.

In addition to the freshman luncheon, Liaodong University also held a graduate luncheon. In June 2018, Liaocheng University launched the Presidential appointment - 2018 Graduatesluncheon. Cai Xianjin said: Today, it is the firstluncheonfor graduates held in the history of Liaocheng University. It is very meaningful. I think everyone deserves to have and deserve thisfirst. Life struggle, like formula racing, stops after stops, all of you here are outstanding learners, can be said to have won the University Station with excellent posture. Congratulations! Bless you!

On June 28, 2018, at the graduation ceremony of Liaocheng University, Cai Xianjin was strongly kissed by graduates many times, and also cooperated with students to do various modeling movements. His varied demands on all of us were basically obedient and caused a lot of laughter.

A few days ago, Cai Xian blonde article Liao Da, Hello! It sums up the little things Im talking about.

The article wrote: Liaocheng is fertile soil, Liaocheng people are fortunate; Liaocheng people are predestined, Liaocheng adults are noble. The four years of Liao Das tenure are the most important four years in my life, just like the spirit of adults; the four years of my tenure are the four years of my lifes unique value, just like the values of adults; the four years of my tenure are the four proud years of my life, just like the tradition of adults. Thank you for Liaocheng, for Liaoda, for your brothers and sisters, and for all the students who are full of chatting quality!! _________

At the end of the article, Cai Xianjin wrote:

Life is like a retrograde journey, I am also a pedestrian.

From now on, when I saw Chao Da in the morning, I said with my heart: Hello!

At noon, when I saw Liao Da, I said with my heart: Hello!

When I saw chatting in the evening, I said with my heart: Hello!

One year 365 days, 24 hours a day, whenever I see Chat Da, I will say with my heart: Hello! ___________

But I just dont want to say goodbye.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Xu Tengfei, Editor-in-Charge of Li Jingtong: Li Tianyi_NN7528