The suspects of two womens loss of union in Sichuan Province were both young mothers.

 The suspects of two womens loss of union in Sichuan Province were both young mothers.

Chen Mou and Huang Mou were two young mothers. A few hours before their bodies were found, Chen Mous husband, Mr. Chen, contacted a local Wechat Public Number to publish the missing information of his wife and Huang Mou, hoping to find them through the help of the Internet. A few days ago, he and Mr. Yang, Huangmous husband, had been looking for them in many ways, but there had been no news about them.

On the evening of April 8, the bodies of two Bazhong women, Chen Mou and Huang Mou, who had lost contact with their families since the evening of April 1, were found in a shop selling household appliances, kitchens and bathrooms in Bazhong District of Sichuan Province. What happened on that day before losing contact with their families? On April 9, Red Star journalists went to Pakistan and China to interview them, outlining their last message to the world through the narration of their families.

Before losing contact

Their last message was to tell their family that they were sleeping in the store.

At about 10 p.m. on April 1, Huang sent a voice message to his mother who lived in his home, saying that her friend Chens mother-in-law would have an operation the next day and that she would take a bath in her own beauty shop that night, and that she would let her husband, Mr. Yang, take him home later. Half an hour later, Huang Mou made another video call to her mother. She confirmed her stepfathers birthday with her mother. She also said that it was just a holiday that day and she would go back to celebrate her stepfathers birthday.

_Huangs family

Huangs mother told Red Star News that her daughter borrowed money to open the beauty shop last year, and the business was good. Chen Mou, who went to her daughters beauty shop to take a bath that night, was a friend of her daughter and knew herself.

However, Huang and Chen did not go home. Huangs husband, Mr. Yang, told the Red Star News reporter that he was busy outside that night. His wife had asked him when to go home by Wechat. His friend Chens mother-in-law would go to the operating table the next morning. It was inconvenient to go home. They slept in the shop that night.

Come right over. Mr. Yang answered his wifes message on Wechat and rushed to the beauty shop around 11:39 p.m. to find his wife and get the key. Mr. Yang said that this was the last time he saw his wife, because he had to go to work the next day. He told his wife and Chen Mou to have an early rest, so he hurried home.

The next day, at about 7 a.m. on April 2, Mr. Yang received a phone call from Mr. Chen, saying that he could not contact Mr. Chen. He comforted Mr. Chen and said, They both sleep in my market.

After hanging up the phone, Mr. Yang got up and went to a beauty shop seven or eight hundred meters away. On the way, he dialed his wife Huang Mou many times, but no one answered. Finally arrived at the beauty shop, but did not see his wife and Chen Mou. Mr. Yang guessed that maybe his wife and Chen Mou had not come back since they were busy working. He asked his mother-in-law to visit the beauty shop. However, Huang Mous mother waited in the beauty shop for two or three hours and never saw her daughter and Chen Mou return. Realizing that the situation was not right, Mr. Yang rushed to the nearby Jiangbei police station to call the police for help.

Wifes journey

They got on the same bus and headed for Dingshan Town.

On April 2, after confident that his wife Chen Mou had lost his connection, Mr. Chen booked a train ticket plus a transfer ticket and finally rushed back to Bazhong on April 3 at noon. In the next few days, he and Mr. Yang, Huang Mous husband, started a journey to find his wife.

On the morning of April 3, Mr. Yang found that his wife and Chen Mou had boarded a car that evening through the surveillance near the beauty shop, and the driving route of the car was to Dingshan Town. Mr. Yang said that at that time, the police also contacted the owner and learned that the car had previously been sold to Zhou Mou-mou. Later, they went to Dingshan Town three times to find Zhou Mous family. During the period, they also went to Chengdu to find their wifes whereabouts, all of which were fruitless.

Mr. Yang later found that his wife and Chens bags, ID cards, bank cards, cell phone chargers and so on were not taken away. But his wife and Chen Mou never came back, which gave him a vague sense of foreboding.

This ominous foreboding was confirmed on the evening of April 8.

Mr. Yang told Red Star News that on April 7, he found out that only Zhou Mou was in the car carrying his wife and Chen Mou that night, when he found the police monitoring the highway intersection. At that time, I thought that they (wife and Chen Mou) might have been killed somewhere in Bazhong City.

On the evening of April 8, Mr. Yang and Mr. Chen found the market opened by Zhou Momou in Bazhong District, contacted the police and informed Zhou Momous father. Because Zhous father did not have the key to the market, he finally found a locksmith to open the curtain door of the market. In this shop, the bodies of Chen and Huang were found.

Young mother

Each child has two couples are in good mood

On the morning of April 9, the families of the deceased Chen Mou and Huang Mou arrived at the funeral parlor in Bazhong City one after another, looking sad. Forensic doctors were doing autopsy on the bodies of Chen Mou and Huang Mou.

Mr. Chen has not dared to tell his mother the news of his wifes murder. He sometimes rises up and separates himself from his family and wipes his tears silently against the wall or the edge of the flower terrace. Mr. Chen said that he and his wife had a good relationship and had two children.

_Mr. Chen, a family member of Chen

I dont know why... Mr. Chen told Red Star News that he and his wife were working together in coastal cities. Because his mother had cancer and needed surgery urgently, his wife returned to Bazhong in late March. Originally, the mothers operation was scheduled for the morning of April 2, but she was about to be operated on, but her wife lost her connection. Mothers operation was delayed until the afternoon, and one of her cousins went to the hospital to help take care of her.

Mr. Yang and his wife, Huang Mou, also have two children. He recalls in his mind what his wife looked like in her lifetime.

Mr. Yang said that he and his wife had been working outside before, and only returned last year. Although they usually had little friction with their wife, they still had a good relationship. Just a few hours before their wife lost contact, the conversation between their wife and their family was very gentle and their mood was better.

But now, people suddenly disappear.

The bodies of two women in Sichuan Province were found eight days after they lost their union by car at midnight

On April 8, the news that two young women in Bazhong have been missing in midnight driving for eight days, leaving their children and sick mothers to their husbands spread widely among friends of Bazhong netizens in Sichuan.

Suspects of two women killed in a car accident in Sichuan Province were captured in Yunnan Province

The reporter learned from the Bazhou Branch Bureau of the Bazhong Public Security Bureau that the suspect had been captured by the police in Yunnan.