Emotional Problem between Two Female Lost Couplet Death Suspects and One Dead in Sichuan Province

 Emotional Problem between Two Female Lost Couplet Death Suspects and One Dead in Sichuan Province

The Bazhou Branch Bureau of the Bazhong Public Security Bureau informed that at about 10:00 on April 2, 2019, the Jiangbei Police Station of the Bureau received an alarm from the masses, Yang Mou: His wife Huang Mou (32 years old, from Bazhou District) lost contact with his good friend Chen Mou (24 years old, from Enyang District), and asked for assistance in finding out. After receiving the police, Jiangbei Police Station carried out an investigation on the track of activities of Huang Mou, Chen Mou and their relatives. According to the preliminary investigation of Jiangbei Police Station, the Bureau filed an investigation on April 7.

Through work, on April 8, 2019, at about 22:00, two female bodies were found in a city in the southern niche of Hongbei Road, Bazhou District, Bazhong City. It was confirmed that the deceased were Huang Mou and Chen Mou who were out of touch. After on-site visits and video calls, Zhou Moumou (a 32-year-old man from Bazhou District) was suspected of committing a major crime. On the morning of April 9, Zhou Moumou was arrested in Yunnan Province. At present, the case is under further investigation.

What kind of person is Zhou Mou? On April 9, the Red Star journalist interviewed a neighbor vendor in a market opened by Zhou Mou, and rushed to his home to interview his family.

_Suspect Zhou Mous rented Market

Neighbor vendor: He seldom comes to the market to open the door.

At noon on April 9, Red Star journalists found a rented market near the Second Ring Road in Bazhong City. The last night, the bodies of Chen Mou and Huang Mou, who had been lost for many days, were found in this shop.

The curtain door of the shop is closed as it was a few days ago. The billboard above reads Wholesale of Mingqi Home Appliances, Kitchens and Sanitary Wares. There are two mobile phone numbers left on it, but now they are all off.

Next to Zhou Mous shop is Mr. Lis shop, where he runs hardware business. Mr. Li said that Zhous shop covers an area of about 30 square meters and has a bathroom inside. Because the floor of the nearby market is about 4.5 meters high, people will separate a sandwich above the market, and so will Zhous market. Occasionally, Mr. Li said, Zhou would sleep on the sandwich in the market one night, and would usually cook in the shop with an electromagnetic oven. But very rarely, after all, he seldom came to open the door.

Mr. Li said that although he was close to Zhous market, he was not impressed by Zhous market. Hes about 1.6 meters tall, thin and not very talkative. Mr. Li said that although all of us open doors to do business, Zhous market is often closed, which is why Zhous market has been closed a few days ago, he did not feel any strange.

Until the evening of April 8, Mr. Li received a call from the police, informing him to go back to the shop to ask about the situation, he did not know that a murder had occurred in the market of Zhou Moumou.

Red Star journalists at the scene saw that parking spaces were planned on both sides of the nearby road, and parking fees were required.

Lao Zhang, a toll collector, was impressed by Zhou Mou-mou: He always laughs when he talks. Sometimes he stops without paying. Next time you tell him, he will make up the parking fee immediately. Sometimes two yuan, sometimes three yuan... Its unexpected that this will happen.

After returning home on the morning of April 2nd, disappearance can no longer be linked.

On the afternoon of April 9, Red Star journalist arrived at Zhou Mous home in Dingshan Township, Bazhou District. Town residents said that Zhou Mous old home is not Dingshan Town, but the next town. Years ago, his father bought a piece of land in the town to build a house, and began to do household appliances business.

We just heard that he had committed a crime today. Unexpectedly, before I installed a water pipe in my house, he came with his father and felt how honest the baby was. At the entrance of Changzhenkou, several villagers gathered to talk about Zhou Mou-mou.

Zhous father, Zhou Jun (not his real name), returned to the town on the afternoon of April 9. He arrived in Bazhong City overnight the night before, and then he and his wife received questioning notes from police officers handling cases.

Zhou Jun recalled to the Red Star News reporter that on the night of April 1, his son had dinner at home and then went back to his room to sleep. They did not know when his son drove to Bazhong, let alone why.

Zhous mother said that her son used to drive to Bazhong City at night, sometimes to drink with friends, so they did not find it strange that his son left home late at night.

On April 2, Dingshan Town met. At about 9 oclock in the morning, Zhou Mou came home and said to Zhou Jun, Go out and have a turn after having breakfast. Zhou Jun said that when his son came back that morning, he didnt feel anything unusual about him.

At noon, he received a call from the police station, saying that his son had taken two women (Chen and Huang) away. He hurried to call his son, but couldnt get through. Zhou Jun said that after that, Zhou Moumou never returned home, nor contacted his family, because they (the family members of the victims) have alarmed, and I have not alarmed.

Father Zhou: My son divorced last year, and there may be emotional problems with the deceased Huang Mou.

Zhou Mou-mou is Zhou Juns only son. He has a sister under him. Zhou Jun said that his son went out to work after the first semester of senior high school and spent many years outside. He returned to the market town to do business with himself in 2014. He also purchased a van for his son. The next year, his son married a woman in the market town, but he divorced again in May last year. Before the Spring Festival, his son decided to rent more than 10,000 houses a year in the city of Bazhong.

Zhou Military recalled that if his son had not been allowed to do business in Renmen City, Bazhong District, maybe there would have been no business today.

In Zhou Juns eyes, his son has been honest and obedient, but after the Spring Festival this year, his mood has changed. He tried to communicate with his son, but he seldom talked to him about himself. He said before,I was miserable by her. Zhou Jun said that the she in his sons mouth was the woman Huang Mou who was killed this time. They may have some emotional problems.

Zhou Jun already knew the news of his sons arrest. State-owned state law, he made a mistake himself. What should he do?

The bodies of two women in Sichuan Province were found eight days after they lost their union by car at midnight

On April 8, the news that two young women in Bazhong have been missing in midnight driving for eight days, leaving their children and sick mothers to their husbands spread widely among friends of Bazhong netizens in Sichuan.

Suspects of two women killed in a car accident in Sichuan Province were captured in Yunnan Province

The reporter learned from the Bazhou Branch Bureau of the Bazhong Public Security Bureau that the suspect had been captured by the police in Yunnan.