Sleep! The little boy sat asleep and became popular online. Mother said it was hereditary.

 Sleep! The little boy sat asleep and became popular online. Mother said it was hereditary.

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Sleeping God possesses body! Little boy sat asleep and became popular online mom: Maybe its inheritance (Source: ~)

Recently, a video of a little boy sitting asleep in a classroom has become an accidental hit. The child, Zhou Zichen, is 4 years old. In the video, he is sitting on a classroom stool and sleeping soundly. The teacher shouts his name aloud and says School is over and still does not wake up. Netizens laughed and said, I remember myself that year.

According to Zichens mother, the child is in kindergarten middle class, in a slightly quieter environment will fall asleep, usually the child is very active, love to tell stories, has been the kind of endless.

When the teacher sent her the video, he felt funny and uploaded it online. Zichens mother thinks that its normal for her children to love sleeping at this age. This may be inherited. She will always fall asleep when she goes to school.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Ji Xueying_NN6784