South Korean Yo set out to visit the United States to deny that the Kuomintang primaries were stuck in him.

 South Korean Yo set out to visit the United States to deny that the Kuomintang primaries were stuck in him.

Taiwan. com, April 9, China. The Mayor of Kaohsiung, Mr. and Mrs. Yo of Korea, flew to the United States late on the 9th night on a Chinese flight. Before boarding, he told reporters that this time was Lion Fighting Rabbit. He would complete the trip of the United States wholeheartedly and successfully, let high-tech manufacturers know Kaohsiung and the Americans who contacted him like Kaohsiung.

The couple took the high-speed rail from Kaohsiung to Taoyuan Airport to fly north. The enthusiastic Korean fans gathered early at the exit Hall of No. 2 Airport Building to wait for them. The couple got off the bus and went to the exit hall. It took less than 100 meters to walk 10 minutes before they arrived at the site of the interview.

South Korean Yu said that five professors from Harvard Universitys Fai Zhengqing College visited Kaohsiung in January this year. It was unexpected that after three months of a speech, Taiwans political atmosphere would change so dramatically that it could not have been imagined three months ago. His visit to the United States is a purely academic trip, a visit to high-tech manufacturers and overseas Chinese, but he feels that he has been given a lot of expectations, as if he has lost the original intention of simply speaking and exchanging opinions with students at school.

Regarding the meeting of those who intend to participate in the KMT, the schedule of Yo in Korea is still uncertain. He responded that at present the three senior figures in the Kuomintang who intend to run for leadership in Taiwan are very mature and have been in the political circle for decades, and the channels of communication are very smooth. Even if he is not in Taiwan, I believe that as long as they are willing to communicate and discuss face to face, there will be no problem of who is stuck.

Source: Author of Taiwan. com of China: Editor-in-Charge of Chen Jiahui: Li Tianyi_NN7528