Jinli official website has been unable to open creditors: assets transferred by the chairman

 Jinli official website has been unable to open creditors: assets transferred by the chairman

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The official website of Jinli Mobile has been unable to open. It was successful personage standard now declared bankrupt (source: original).

On April 9, the official website of Jinli, an old mobile phone manufacturer, could not be opened. When the reporter entered Jinli mobile official website in web search, there was a hint that the page might not be able to be accessed because of the sites changing web address or unstable service and so on. In addition, the official micro-blog of Jinli smartphone stopped updating after it published an emergency letter on 23 November last year requesting the immediate deletion of false reports. So far, it has been more than four months.

According to public information, Jinli was founded in 2002 and its founder was Liu Lirong, chairman of Jinli Group. In the age of functional machine, Jinli mobile phone was once a dominant manufacturer of domestic mobile phones. In 2010, Jinli mobile phone market share ranked third in the whole industry, second only to NOKIA and Samsung. It became the first place of the domestic mobile phone brand. Andy Lau, Pu Cunxin, Phoenix Legend and other stars were their spokesmen. They did not have two of the time.

However, in the era of smartphones, Jinli gradually began to go downhill. In order to reverse the adverse situation and further improve brand awareness, Jin Liyi has changed his calm style in the past two years, invested heavily in advertising and marketing, repeatedly nominated and sponsored a variety of front-line satellite TV shows and invited the popular stars as contemporary spokespersons. However, the market reaction is not satisfactory, not only that, the huge marketing costs make Jin Liyi overwhelmed.

Capital Chain Crisis

At the end of 2017, due to the arrears of suppliers, Jinli was exposed to the crisis of the capital chain, and the situation changed sharply. Only one year later, on December 10, 2018, Shenzhen Intermediate Peoples Court of Guangdong Province formally accepted the application of Huaxing Bank for liquidation and bankruptcy of Jinli. Although in 2018, Jinli also actively launched self-rescue, introducing a company with strong financial strength, intending to acquire and restructure Jinli in an all-round way, unfortunately, up to now, the restructuring of Jinli has not made substantial progress.

On April 2 this year, the Shenzhen Intermediate Peoples Court held the first creditorsmeeting on Shenzhen Jinli Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinli Communications). The meeting mainly focused on the three major proposals of Jinli Group: property management scheme, property pricing scheme and electing creditors committee. It also informed the administrators of the investigation after their entry into Jinli Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinli Communications). And future arrangements.

Relevant information shows that as of March 21, 2019, 558 creditors have been notified to declare their claims and 372 have declared their claims. After examination by the administrator, 324 creditorsrights have been initially identified and compiled into the Creditors Rights Form, and the total amount of creditors rights has been determined to be 17.359 billion yuan (including foreign currency creditorsrights). As of December 31, 2018, the total book assets of Jinli were about 8.538 billion yuan, and the total assets after Inventory were about 3.839 billion yuan. It is obvious that Jinli is insolvent.

During the voting process, the property management scheme and the property conversion scheme were adopted, while the bill on electing the creditor Committee was not adopted. Among them, the property management scheme is mainly aimed at how the administrator of Jinli Company manages the assets of Jinli Company; the property conversion scheme is mainly aimed at how the administrator of Jinli Company decides the value of the assets of Jinli Company; the bill on electing creditor committee is to propose the establishment of creditor committee to protect the interests of all creditors.

Objection of small and medium creditors

Although the property management plan has been approved, the two small and medium-sized creditors of Jinli who participated in the meeting expressed their dissatisfaction. They still disagreed about whether Jinli Group and its chairman Liu Lirong were suspected of transferring assets. At present, the ownership of many of Jinlis assets is not clear. In an interview with the media, Liu Lirong admitted that gambling had lost more than one billion yuan. Considering the existing debt crisis of Jinli Group and Liu Lirongs behavior of staying in Hong Kong and refusing to return to Shenzhen since January 2018, we have reasonable reasons to suspect that the debt crisis of Jinli Group is related to Liu Lirongs unauthorized transfer of assets of Jinli Group.

Previously, Liu Lirong said in an interview with the Securities Times: After 16 years of founding Jin, I have been an absolute authority in the company. I have no other income, so it is inevitable that there is some public-private indiscriminate in my life, and there is the act of borrowing company funds. For the exact number of funds embezzled from the company, Liu Lirong only roughly refers to more than one billion yuan.

In addition, as a subsidiary of Jinli Communications, Shenzhen Jinli Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinli Creative Investment) made a sudden change in industry and Commerce on January 9, 2018, the following month after the outbreak of Jinli Capital Crisis, and completely separated from Jinli. Including eliminating the shares of Jinli Communications, Liu Lirong and He Dabing, the Financial Controller, changing the companys name to Shenzhen New Base Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. and changing the companys legal person, chairman and other important positions, Jin Lichuang became an independent enterprise unrelated to Jinli Communications.

Not only that, according to creditors, Jinli Industrial Park in Dongguan, which has equipment assets valued at nearly 1 billion yuan, has not been included in the list of liquidation or reorganization of Jinli assets.

The creditors told reporters: Optimistic, Jinlis arrears can be recovered 30%; if the situation is not good, it can only be recovered 15%. After a year of debt collection, he is now helpless to the debt of Jinli, only hope that the next assets of Jinli can be thoroughly investigated.

The chairman of Jinli Group denied that gambling lost 10 billion yuan: lost more than one billion yuan

How on earth did Jin Li die? Chairman Liu Lirong firmly denied that gambling lost 10 billion yuan, more than a billion bar, and a mistake for thousands of years hate. He also revealed these details.