Trial ride on Tesla Model Y: A SUV has all the fun of Model 3

 Trial ride on Tesla Model Y: A SUV has all the fun of Model 3

Netease Technologies News March 15, according to foreign media reports, Tesla today released its fifth electric car, compact SUV Model Y. After the meeting, science and technology media reporters tried this electric SUV for the first time. The overall feeling is that it is a compact SUV with all the driving pleasures of Model 3.

The following is the journalists trial experience:

Tesla doesnt make slow cars. Over the years, when I tried out all Tesla cars, many employees would emphasize this point to me. When I was sitting in Model Y and driving fast in the street near Tesla Design Studio, I found that this was true. The latest Tesla car continues the tradition of fast.

ModelY is not disappointing. The acceleration time from zero to 100 kilometers is only 3.5 seconds. The built-in dual motors speed up very quickly. When it turned on, I was pressed tightly to my seat. Although the car has no rage mode, its acceleration performance should excite future car owners. Because I am sitting in the back passenger seat, not in the drivers seat, it is difficult to judge how controllable the ModelY is. But in the short snake forward test, I did not feel the obvious body shaking. I suspect that once I drive on mountain bends, the performance of this car will be somewhere between Model3 and ModelS.

ModelY and Model3 share many of the same features. In addition to the battery packs used, the interior configuration is almost the same, and the interior seats are even the same as those of the Model3. There are almost no extra knobs in ModelYs car. To control the car, you either use the steering wheel control device and two joysticks on the steering rod, or use the huge 15-inch touch screen in the middle of the central console.

Unlike Model 3, the touch screen of Model Y is horizontally positioned and is the only lighting device in the car at night.

The interior seats of Model Y are comfortable and more practical than those of other Tesla cars. According to Tesla, the back seat is foldable and can expand the space of the trunk to nearly 1.9 cubic meters. Although the future of ModelX is stronger, it seems that ModelY is more practical and more in line with peoples current expectations of SUV cars: larger space, larger models and more comfortable sitting posture.

The standard model Y, which starts at $39,000, is expected to go on sale in the spring of 2021, possibly competing directly with Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicles. From now on to the autumn of 2020, when this car is delivered to users, many new changes will take place in the field of electric vehicles. Tesla is no longer the only real player in the field of electric vehicles. Carmakers release new cars every few months, and by the time ModelY comes on the market, it will be a highly competitive market. (Han Bing)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279