Whether or not | Astronauts in space are not easy to build a toilet for hundreds of millions of dollars

 Whether or not | Astronauts in space are not easy to build a toilet for hundreds of millions of dollars

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This years Spring Festival movie competition is intense. There are animated films for children to see: the bear haunt the primeval era, piggy page past the new year, funny movie speeding life, king of new comedy, crazy alien, and the most popular sci-fi movie traffic earth.

By March 15, 2019, the box office had reached 4.658 billion, which was further away from the 5 billion box office mark. At the same time, the films reputation in the circle of friends also brush the screen, Douban score as high as 7.9 points, many viewers have expressed shock that the film opened the first year of Chinese science fiction film.

And how astronauts live in the space station has also aroused many peoples interest, Xiaobian next to tell you, in the space station, how astronauts go to the toilet?

As we all know, there is no gravity in space, so toilets in space under weightlessness environment cant be as usual. If anything is not fixed, it will be scattered everywhere or rebound, which becomes a very embarrassing thing.

At a time when early technology was not as advanced as it is now, astronauts used bags to solve problems, then put the used bags on the space station and bring them back to Earth. But it is very inconvenient to do so, especially wearing such a thick spacesuit, so later developed to use diapers for astronauts, this method is simple and crude, the cost is about tens of dollars.

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The toilets are now available in a variety of ways. Each spaceship or space station is equipped with mens and womens toilets. The toilets on the International Space Station were purchased by NASA from the Russian Space Agency in 2007 and cost as much as $19 million.

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This toilet uses a suction toilet. When it is cleaned, it uses air flow instead of water flow. So fix yourself well before convenience. The buttocks are close to the edge of the toilet. If it is not done well, the air flow cant take the excrement away perfectly.

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Solid excreta and liquid excreta are stored separately, and then the solid excreta is dehydrated, flattened, packed into a special storage tank, left on the spacecraft, and unloaded after landing on Earth. Sometimes liquid waste is recycled, converted into drinking water or used to generate electricity through special water treatment devices.

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In addition, toilet paper in the toilet is also closely designed and manufactured. In addition, the space station has prepared baby diapers for astronauts in case of special circumstances.

Last year, NASA launched a space challenge to address potential problems. The device won the highest award: 15,000 dollars. The prize was eventually won by Thatcher Cardon.

The machine he invented specifically to help astronauts use the toilet is called M-PATS. The design of this machine is inspired by medical laparoscopy. There is a small opening in the crotch of the spacesuit. This small opening is used to drain human excrement, and it is placed in the crotch. It does not affect the normal activities of astronauts. Astronauts send this small machine into clothes through the conveyor tube on clothes, and then through the squeezing inflatable pump, the bedpan connected with it will be air-filled. When the body swells up, it can be excreted.

After excretion, the bedpan is restored to its original shape and pulled out through a conveyor tube.

I cant help exclaiming that astronautsspace life is really not easy, but I believe that many people like me want to know, astronauts liquid excrement into the diversion of water, in the end, who has drunk it?

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