Juve hit the biggest dark horse in the Champions League! Divine script: C. Rottys revenge for Real Madrid?

 Juve hit the biggest dark horse in the Champions League! Divine script: C. Rottys revenge for Real Madrid?

Before the draw, Ajax had the second-to-last chance of winning the Champions League in eight teams, only higher than Porto, and Ajax and Porto were the only two non-five League teams, which also showed that Ajax was not well regarded. At the lottery ceremony, Cesar drew the first one from Ajax, when other European giants might want to play against this relatively weak opponent, and Cesar then drew Juventus.

Its a good draw for Juventus, but Nedved, the vice president of the club representing Juventus at the draw, said, I think it will be two great games. Ajax has proved his ability by winning Real Madrid. I appreciate them very much. We must be very careful.

Indeed, Juve cant be careless after winning a good draw. Ajax eliminated Real Madrid, the defending champion, in the previous eighth final of the Champions League. Real Madrid also regarded Ajax as a big gift package at that time. After winning 2-1 away from home in the first round, Real Madrid captain Ramos even deliberately shuffled his cards and suspended the second round. As a result, Ajax won 4-1 away from Real Madrid in Bernabeu, reversing the final eight of the Champions League with a total score of 5-3 in the two rounds.

In fact, Ajaxs performance in this seasons Champions League is far from perfect. They beat Benfica and Athens AEK in Group E to get the second place in the group. It is worth mentioning that Ajax did not fall behind in the two matches against Bayern, the first place in the group. They drew Bayern 1-1 away and 3-3 at home. Juventus draw Ajax is a good draw, but we must not relax too much.

In addition, to Juves advantage, they are now 18 points ahead of the second place in the Serie A table, and the title is a foregone conclusion. In addition, they are out of the Coppa Italia. Juve can concentrate on the two Champions League quarter-finals against Ajax. Ajax is second in the scoreboard with two points behind Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In addition, in the final of the Dutch Cup, third-line combat may affect playersphysical fitness.

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