Diapers Exposed to Unhygienic Material Company: No doubt set up this year

 Diapers Exposed to Unhygienic Material Company: No doubt set up this year

On the evening of March 15, CCTV 3.15 evening party exposed that Hubei Baist Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. used unsanitary pulp as raw material. In response, at 11:00 p.m. on March 15, the companys actual controller, Yi Yongxiang, responded to upstream news that the company had used unsanitary raw materials the year before last, but it was useless last year and this year. The man who appeared on CCTV pictures resigned last year and was suspected to be a competitor. Enforcement departments are welcome to come to our company for inspection.

Hubei Baist Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., which was exposed by CCTV.

CCTV 3.15 evening show, Hubei Baist Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces adult diapers, mattresses and other products, and for a number of well-known domestic sanitary products processing enterprises. While using the new wood pulp roll pulp to produce adult paper diapers, different proportions of loose pulp were added to produce sanitary articles. These pulps are white, flocculent, grayish and dark, and some raw materials are stained on the surface.

Enterprise survey information shows that the predecessor of Hubei Baist Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is Xiantao Tianhong Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. and has cooperated with many well-known domestic enterprises in diaper sets and other ancillary products to produce disposable medical consumables for export.

Yi Yongxiang, the actual controller of Hubei Baist Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. Contribution by the parties

Yi Yongxiang, the companys actual controller, said in an interview with upstream journalists that evening that the company bought 78 tons of bulk pulp raw materials from Shandong the year before last and sold the finished products. After the media exposed the quality problems of this batch of bulk pulp raw materials, the company did not use them.

Yi Yongxiang said that the men interviewed by CCTV were suspected competitors. The man resigned last year and the picture was not taken recently. He has given the relevant information back to CCTV.

No recall was made for the problems produced the previous year; no problems were found for the products produced last year and this year. Law enforcement departments and all social sessions can come to the company to investigate, if problems are found, find out that I can ruin my family. Yi Yongxiang said.

Yi Yongxiang said that Xiantao local industry and commerce, quality supervision, public security departments have entered the company to carry out investigations.

Source: Upstream News Author of Chongqing Morning News: Niu Tai Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645