Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, responded by withdrawing from Ji Qiao: unable to participate due to work reasons

 Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, responded by withdrawing from Ji Qiao: unable to participate due to work reasons

Netease Entertainment reported on the evening of March 15 that Sun Honglei and Huang Bo responded to withdrawing from the fifth season of Ultimate Challenge by posting on their micro-blogs, saying that they could not participate in this seasons extreme selection because of work reasons and refueling for other small partners.

On the evening of March 15th, Extreme Challenge officially declared the lineup after the fifth season of the Great Change of Blood, announcing that Huang Lei, Luo Zhixiang, Zhang Yixing, Wang Xun, Dili Reba, Yue Yunpeng and Lei Jiayin were the first lineups of Shanghai Railway Station, among which Huang Bo and Sun Honglei, the old members of Extreme Selection Men Gang did not appear.

Subsequently, Huang Bo and Sun Honglei relayed the microblog announcement of the fifth season of Limit Challenge in response to the withdrawal. Huang Bofawen said that the new season ofExtreme Challengewill start again, and various work arrangements, unfortunately, I cant make the appointment for this chicken noodle party on time! ________ Come on! Come on, new partners! I call you crazy! @ Lei Jiayin said,Big head, big head, no worry about rain. Come and feel the law of chicken bars. Be careful that I come toChaganganytime. Sun Honglei also said that he couldnt attend because of his work. He said, Because of the work, I couldnt participate in the recording normally. Here I solemnly recommend a girl who I have been following for a long time (as illustrated by the microblog screenshots). Face and acting skills are expected to surpass my female classmates to do our face duty after efforts. I firmly believe that she will become more excellent and perfect through the torture of extreme challenges. @Dear-Dillieba, wait for me, I will come back to do spot checks!

After the two microblogs were sent out, many netizens left messages one after another expressing that they were reluctant to part with you.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hanchong_NBJ11345