Pingshan Mens Bilateral Division Semi-Final Two Golden Flowers Jointly Run into the Top Four

 Pingshan Mens Bilateral Division Semi-Final Two Golden Flowers Jointly Run into the Top Four

Schunner, the number one seed, is challenged by Li Dexi today. Schunner took a 3-1 lead at the start of the first set, and Lee Dexi then improved, but the Canadians still withstood the pressure and took the lead 6-4. Korean deaf teenagers launched a counter-attack in the second set, with a break at the end of the set to return a set of 6-4. In the final set, Li Dexi won three games in a row when he was 2-4 down, but Schunner still held the key points and won 7-5 at the end of the set. The former Australian Open runner-up also won 6-4, 3-6 and 6-3 against another South Korean starlet Junyu after three rounds of bitter struggle.

On both sides, Li Zhe/Oliveira was 1-4 behind Margaroli/Visnu in the first set. However, the resilient Li Zhe combination won the first set with a 6-4 reversal after five consecutive innings. Margaroli/Visnu adjusted in the second set and quickly pulled back a set 6-1. The two pairs tied 6-6 at 10:00, but then Li Zhe/Oliveira won four goals in a row and laughed 10-6 to the end. Their opponents in the semi-finals were vigorous Gong Maoxin/Zhang Cho, who, as the second seed of the competition, reversed Bormans/Shunol 4-6, 6-4 and 10-5 in todays final match.

In the face of Kadantu, who had reached the top 60 in the world rankings, Kui Jiajie started with a 3-1 lead. Although Kadantu once tied the score to 5-5 after saving the two counts, Chinas Golden Flower still broke the bandwagon at the end of the game and took the lead with 7-5. The Romanian girl rebounded strongly in the second set and quickly pulled back 6-1. Kadantu, who was more brave in Vietnam, took the lead in breaking in the opening of the decisive set, leading by 3-2, but then won four games in a row, winning by 6-3 and breaking into the top four.

In a local derby war, Liu Fangzhou, the 6th seed, met the challenge of Gao Mei and Xun Fangying. After the two men tied in the first eight innings, Liu Fangzhou made a strenuous effort to continue the next two innings, with a 6-4 first set. Xun Fangying once led by 3-1 in the second set, but the No. 6 seed which launched the counter-attack achieved a reversal, locking in the victory by 6-4, and the semi-final will be against Hiroko Kawada. Xun Fangying and Liang Enshuos Strait combination got Guo Hanyu/Jiazhiyaos withdrawal ceremony and entered the womens doubles championship.

Tomorrow, Cypruss Baghdadis will take the lead in the mens competition, facing the defeat of Zhang Chos Krepyat on the way to promotion, and Schunol will then appear against the Italian Napolitano who eliminated Wu Yizhen. If the first two seeds of the tournament can complete the meeting, Pingshan fans are expected to enjoy a high level of tournament-level confrontation in the final. In addition, Zhang Ze/Gong Maoxin will play a derby with Li Zhe/Oliveira in a semi-final of the focus doubles, which also ensures the appearance of Chinese players in the final of the mens doubles.

Tomorrow in the womens competition, Liu Fangzhou and Kui Jiajing, two local players, appeared successively, looking forward to completing the singles finals. The former is against Hiroko Kawada, a Japanese girl, while the latter is against Tao Sen, the Australian Open Youth Champion this year. The 16-year-old Danish genius showed great impact by eliminating many famous players in this competition. In addition, Xun Fangying/Liang Enshuo, a cross-strait group, will face Hiroko Kawada/Sharipova in the womens doubles final, giving birth to the first champion of this years Pingshan Tennis Open.

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