Li Haotong, the three birds of the first round of the playerschampionship, rushed into the top fifteen without bogey

 Li Haotong, the three birds of the first round of the playerschampionship, rushed into the top fifteen without bogey

On Thursday, the $12.5 million playersChampionship kicked off in TPC Sawtooth on the outskirts of Jacksonville. Li Haotong, one of Chinas elder brothers, caught three birds in the first round without swallowing any bogeys, ranking 13th with 69 strokes. The two leading players tied for - 7 were Tommy Fleetwood of England and Kigan Bradley of the United States. Because it was dark, Indian player Aniban Lasiri did not finish his last push and became the only player who did not finish the game.

Tiger Woods, who twice won the championship trophy in TPC Sawtooth, grabbed six birds and swallowed four bogeys all day, ranking 35th with 70 strokes (-2). World No. 1 Dustin Johnson handed in the same scorecard (4 birds and 1 bogey) as Li Haotong, ranked 13th with them, as well as famous players such as Garcia, Kuchar and Ryder. United States player Ryan Moore, ranked fifth in the tie, scored a hole in the landmark 17th hole with a 54-degree pick, becoming the ninth player to score a hole here in the history of the game.

Chinese Taipei player Pan Zhengwan grabbed three birds and swallowed three bogeys, ranking 70th side by side with a flat pole.

It feels great and its a solid day, said Li Haotong, ranked 38th in the world. Overall, its a good day. Starting from the last nine holes, he greeted the red door as soon as he went out: in the tenth hole, he stopped outside the green with a pole that was 17 feet away from the flagpole. He hit the ball directly and caught the first bird.

This is the first time since 2006 that the PlayersChampionship has been held in March. The stadium has softened a little this year and the grass has shortened a little, Li Haotong said of the TPC Sawtooth Stadium Stadium. It can attack the flagpole better. Li Haotong showed aggression throughout the game. In addition to the three birds he caught, he also had a good chance to catch birds in three other holes, including the landmark 17th hole. But three putts within eight feet failed.

This weeks tournament is the first time since 2006 that the playerschampionship has moved to March. Floridas March gale is coming like a lion, leaving like a sheep. Thursday morning, the stadium was relatively calm. Lee is not the best player to kick off in this period of time. An Bingxun, a Korean player of half Chinese ancestry, kicked off more than an hour earlier than Li Haotong and captured four birds in his first 11 holes, once occupying the leading position. He eventually ranked third with 66 strokes (-6). Friedwood, Haman in T3, and McRoy in T5 all kicked off early in the morning.

Tiger Woods was in the first round of the PlayersChampionship. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Even Woods admires these early kick-off players. They all played very well, starting in the morning really took the lead, said Woods, who kicked off more than 1 p.m. I hope tomorrow morning we can also enjoy the calm moments, and soft green, playing good results. Although Woods won the Championship here twice, in his history of participating in the PlayersChampionship, only once (in 2013) scored less than 70 strokes in the first round.

Woods was not surprised in his first nine holes. A bogey and a bird let him enter the last nine holes with a flat par. From the tenth hole, Woods seems to have changed into a man. First, he grabbed the 18-foot-long pushing bird, and then, in the next hole, he launched the green and swallowed the bogey. Woods hit the green on the 12th hole of par 4, followed by a longer 28-foot bird in the next hole. But then the bogey of the 14th hole ceased to move forward. He hit only one standard pole in the last nine holes (hole 15).

I dont remember the last time this happened (nine holes only hit one standard bar), Woods said. Usually when this happened, my nine holes were 29 or 30, not today. Woods finished the last nine holes in the first round with 34 strokes.

After the second round, the top 70 players (including juxtaposition) will be promoted to the weekends two-round finals. Mickelson (+2, T104), Spice (+4, T130) and other big players have the risk of being eliminated.

Li Haotongs second round will start at 2:09 p.m. local time on Friday.

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